Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Was It Too Much To Ask?

So we all know that I am “in training” to hopefully, maybe, if the planets align just right and my bahookie isn’t too chapped, ride the MS Pedal to the Point bike ride.

That just means that I riding my bike every day, rain or shine, up hill and down, with HHBL and without.

But I like to have HHBL along most of the time because, well, because I can look at this when I ride.

Yes sireeeeee! We all have to have some sort of motivation you know.

But I digress.

So when I am out on the bike, because I am a nervous nelly, I like to have my phone along….and kleenex….and gum. LOTS of gum…and the house key. And since the weather has quickly risen to be in the rather hot range that means that I am no longer wearing my little fleece vest in the morning. And no vest mean no pockets.

And so I decided that I needed one of those little bike catchall bag things that attaches to the underside of your seat. For all those little incidentals that a girl needs. How hard could it be to find one?

Famous last words.

All I wanted was this…..

That wasn’t too much to ask I thought. But finding this little thing turned into a driving here and driving there and driving everywhere sort of thing on a day when it was 93F by 11:45a.

Now I have a Wally Mart about 10 minutes from Chez Knit. But today I decided to go to Wally Mart #2 which is about 20 minutes from the homestead because I needed to go to the office supply store as well and there is one in that area.

I should have known that it wasn’t going to be a good day when they were all out of the specific thing that I needed at the office store. Fine. Back in Coco and off to Wally Mart #2 where I will get the other things on my list.

Or not.

Loads of stuff for the bike but the little place where the small “wedge” bags should have been was as empty as my brain after 9p. RATS!

So back in the car and drive 5 minutes back down the road to Target. Surely THEY will have it.

Or not.

The little place where the small “wedge” bags should have been hanging was empty. COME ON! What, did everyone in the area need one of these?

So back in Coco AGAIN. I figured that I would just cut to the chase and go to the local sports store which sits right next to my usual Wally Mart, you know, the one that is 10 minutes from Chez Knit but is now 25 minutes from where I am currently sitting in the parking lot grumbling and trying to remember what Pastor Joe said about patience last Sunday.

Over to the sports store I go. Stop in the bathroom first. Over to the bike area. YES! They have tons of these…but they are a tad more expensive than I was thinking to spend. Hmmmmmm. I know, I will walk next door to Wally Mart #1 and see what I can find.

So back out into the Sahara like heat to walk the 100 feet to Wally Mart where the cool WHOOOOSH of refrigerated air will overcome my rising annoyance. Walk to the back to the bike section and…

YES!!!! They have one. They actually have many styles. In fact they have the cool little one like my friend Sue has on her bike. But it is, inexplicably, $2 more than the bigger “wedge” shaped one so of course I go with the bigger yet cheaper one.

Purchase the bag. Drive home. Drop everything on the counter to go and put my new biking accessory onto Hi Ho Silver……..

And it doesn’t fit.

Oh for the love of all that’s HOLY!



So, tomorrow I will be going back to Wally Mart to get the smaller one.

Darn it.


  1. You could have just got a cute little pink basket with a cute little squeeze horn attached. ;)

  2. Love the name of your bike!
    BTW, I second Luann's idea--but you need a big horn!

  3. If you can't put your water bottle back where it belongs, how do you expect to get anything in or out of the little bag (with a zipper, I'm assuming)?


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