Thursday, June 16, 2011

Because I Need To

Have I ever told you that when I am unsettled or crabby or what have you that the thing that makes me feel better is to……

Organize something.

I am not sure what I will do when I finally have all extraneous things deleted from Chez Knit. What if there isn’t anything that I can organize? What will I do?

You may laugh but actually there is some plaintive truth in that cry.

As it is, today I had to re-organize something that was already sort of organized. It wasn’t nearly as satisfying as I might have hoped.

But there are still things that can be sorted through and gone through and donated. I found a box of books that I hadn’t seen for a while. Paperbacks that I used to love but that really, in my heart of hearts I know I am not going to want to keep long term. As much as I would like to think otherwise I cannot keep every book. Oh how I would like to but I just can’t. I think I will spend some time reading through them before they make that trek to the local library.

I am just having one of those days when I really think I need to organize and clean out to maintain my sanity.

Of course I also need a big Wendy’s Frosty right about now too but that isn’t going to be happening so I will just have to keep busy and organize.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


  1. wow. I could go for a Frosty right about now too... thanks...

  2. Sounds like you should become a Professional Organizer.

  3. Ah! The efficiency of cleaning while under the throes of crabbiness! Yep. Crabbiness seems to enhance "ruthlessness" when it comes to deciding "do I keep it or toss it"? Great time to clean!


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