Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just Call Me The Housewife Nerd

You know what one of the best things about warmer weather is?

Besides the fact that it is warmer.

It is that I can hang clothes outside to dry.

Nerd alert.

And how sad is it that I can get so excited about this…..


And what is even more sad is that I am really excited about this particular thing…..


My new drying rack. To go along with the old wooden drying rack because I didn’t have enough drying rack space and I do not have a really good set up for a laundry line that doesn’t stretch across dog poop no man’s land. Sorry, I said poop.

And Mother of All That is Holy I just realized that I am about to post a picture of my hot pink bra.

Turn away.

Do not look.

I am just too lazy to power up Photoshop and put a modesty patch over it.


And yes those are my shorts. Some of my favorites as a matter of fact. They are just so, so


And they are sort in the same family as these……


Oh I love these shorts. They are almost as stylish as the hot pink, seersucker, capris “suit” that I saw that lady at Wally Mart wearing. I would have taken a picture but I didn’t think I could do it and not get caught.


And then there are these little babies. Soft, worn and now smelling like the lovely out of doors.


ALPHA! Stop showing your nerdiness and lack of fashion sense and come in here and feed me.

When did I lose control of this post?


  1. With the first picture?

    Do you iron your things when you bring them in? My mom writes in her diary that she ironed most everything and the knits were put in the dryer for 10 minutes or so to make them soft.

  2. @Charlene- You know, I don't usually iron anything if I can help it. But, that being said, I do iron shirts if they belong to HHBL. And I don't hang out most things that are made of denim. Those just get too stiff. I am willing to put up with a bit of less softness for the pleasure of hanging the stuff outside.

  3. It will say something about the state of our own weather if I tell you that practically the first thought in my head when I looked at your pictures was, "It's NOT RAINING." Because it is here. And I Know it has been there.

  4. I've taken to hanging my t-shirts on hangers out on the deck. Under the canvas top to our deck swing. The drier just shrinks them to nothing.

  5. I love the scent of clothes that have dried outside. I hang clothes year the winter there are clothes on hangers anywhere I can hang one. My youngest is convinced I'm trying to destroy her social life as she collects them all prior to a friend arriving. :)

  6. I saw sunlight! I'm sure I did. Have the monsoons stopped? I'm thrilled about your laundry stuff, yeah, really. :)


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