Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Garden Repose

Well, this isn’t the garden update that I thought we were going to have. You see, I had planned to take some pictures yesterday of the Community Garden plot.

But I was thwarted.

Thwarted not by the man who insists on driving his van into the garden when it specifically says not to. Nor by the people who have YET to weed or plant in their plots.

No, I was thwarted by…..the rain. LookLeap and I got in several hours of gardening and we were making fabulous progress on some things when…

What was that noise? Was that thunder? Does it look a tad dark around here to you.

And then the heavens opened. And I ran for it. And I never got to take any pictures of the tomatoes and the basil and the beets and the beans and the brussels sprouts and…..

So we will have to content ourselves with what is happening here at Chez Knit. In between the rain drops.


The Day Lilies are about to bloom. I would think by next week we will have some. And that means that I will be spraying the burgeoning blossoms daily with stinky stuff so that the invaders from the woods deer don’t eat them.


The continual battle with weeds is waged daily. I just think it is rude of them to come back after I spend so much time banishing them from my kingdom. They have no manners.


All the plants that I divided and moved seem to be happy in their new locations. These little beauties are “Deer delight”, sort of like Turkish Delight….only for the deer. But not REALLY for the deer. They only think it is for them. So I moved it to a place where hopefully they won’t be so tempted to graze.


The basil is very happy. And if the basil is happy then Debbie is happy. Three plants in this garden and…..twelve more in the other garden.

LookLeap and I have basil issues. There is never enough.


Yes there is a gnome….or two in the garden. Are you surprised? Hello! Remember, I am the person that has a toilet bowl for a garden planter.


The bees are buzzing in the Spirea.


Max the Wonder Dog is on guard making sure that all is right with his world.


My favorite clematis is in full bloom. Oh how I love this one. And it seems to love me too.


There is coffee and bits of sunshine although more storms are predicted for later.


There are slugs crawling lazily across the…..

Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute here. SLUGS!

I. Don’t. Think. So.


There, now I feel better.


  1. I was good until you got to the slugs. Slug...shudder! I pretend they don't exist in my world. :)

  2. Even with the late onset of gardening weather for you, your garden grows lovely!

  3. This time in the garden is so good - don't you wish the early stages lasted longer?!


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