Friday, June 3, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 119)


Well here we are gathered together again for another addition of Debbie blathers on about nothing in particular only in short little pieces. Just like the regular content of the blog. Just remember to click on the pic above to be whisked, at the speed of my rapidly expanding waist line (home made crumb cake in the house), over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is doing.

And now on with the blathering.

The dog has a stuffy nose again. I am not happy.

I noticed it yesterday.

I was going along with my day, doing the laundry, planning world domination when…

What is that noise coming from the dog? It isn’t stuffy dog nose is it? Please tell me it isn’t stuffy dog nose! Daggnabit! IT IS!

And I am SO hoping that we don’t have to go through THIS again.

I will be closely monitoring the situation.

Do you know what this is?

I bet my father does.

If you guessed Poison Ivy then you would be correct. And I have to say, it is growing rather happily right in my front bed at the street. And it is also ascending the tree. And by the looks of it it has been there for some time and I just somehow missed it.

It is one of the prices that we pay for living on a piece of property that used to be woods. Well, that still is woods come to think of it.

And when we had the landscapers here several weeks ago to do things like edge the beds and put down mulch Keith, the head honcho says, “Oh look you have Poison Ivy in this bed.”

And yet it is still there. And evidently Keith conveniently “forgot” that the guys were supposed to clean out all sorts of stuff like that from the beds. And they also seemed to have “forgotten” to spray it with weed killer.

So I have taken care of it thankyouverymuch.

DIE Poison Ivy. DIE!

This is my anthem, my inspiration. I am going to watch it before every ride!

LookLeap and I have been able to spend some time in the garden this week as it has finally stopped raining for the moment. Of course, once the rain stopped then the temp decided to ascend to the stratosphere for several days.

Whine, whine. Complain, complain.

We did get the basil and Brussels Sprouts and tomatoes in as well as some other stuff.


No that is not an Indian burial ground although it does look like something out of the movie Jeremiah Johnson and I feel like singing Cherokee Woman whenever I look at it.

Those are our ingenious tomato stakes. PVC pile that I laboriously drilled holes in and then threaded the holes with strips of cloth so that we can gently tie up the tomatoes as they grow.

We stole appropriated borrowed the idea from one of the gardeners last year.


I am rejoicing that the tomatoes are in and that the temp is no longer Hotter than Hades with the humidity of the Amazon jungle.

I cannot promise that there won’t be more of these pictures as the days go by.


This is what I made my momma for her birthday. I can show it to you now because she has received it.

IMG_1874ANow I have to cast on one for myself in this fabulous blue color. I can hardly wait. But I do have to finish up another project before I do.

Or maybe I will just give into the temptation and cast on. There can never be too many projects on the needles right?

And I really need to have it done before attending the wedding of TFD and his lovely fiancee Rachel.

P2P Update:
Not as much biking went on this week as I needed due to various circumstances. HHBL and I did do 7.71 miles last night. We rode “The Gradually Ascending Ant Hills of Doom” and I didn’t have to walk any of that last hill. So I think that is progress.

HHBL and I did a longer ride last Saturday, longer for me anyways. 14 miles! The ride name is “The Mennonites Whooped My Ass”. Sorry, I said ass. Part of the ride is a gradual and long incline that I really wasn’t all that aware of. I just felt that I was struggling more than I thought I should for a not too difficult ride. The truth became obvious on the return trip when we were zooming down hill for a good portion of the way. The thing about the Mennonite ride is that for part of it we are on a back road that is used by large cement trucks. That will put a racing stripe in your shorts when one of those things rumbles by going 50 miles an hour. Yeehaw.

Today, after my monthly prayer breakfast with friends I am taking a bike ride with my buddy Sue. I don’t think hills are involved. I am grateful beyond measure.

Oh and I must remember that it is not a good idea to eat Pesto Chicken before taking a rigorous bike ride.

Not good at all.

We had babies come to visit Chez Knit on Memorial Day. OH I love babies. Their smell (most of the time). Their cuteness. The fact that I don’t have to keep them and I can give them back.

Jessica was most determined that she was going to sample his toes! Griffon was all like:

HEY what’s going on down there. Give it back! What is she doing? MOM!!!!!


  1. Ah yes . . . poison ivy. The mere thought makes me itch and blister. Thank goodness for glyphosate, AKA Roundup. In point of fact, I just purchased 5 gallons of the generic version at a Farm & Fleet store, for about 10% of the cost of Monsanto's brand name Roundup.

  2. I needed that 'rock and roll' pep talk. Since I fell off my bike I've wondering if I should sell it. But no! I will perservere! I will ride that bike again! Thumbs up to rock and roll!

  3. I feel happy of myself!! Haha I love that video. I also love the photo of your shadow, Mom. It's just so... YOU. And that's why I luv ya :)

    P.S. Poison ivy is the devil.

  4. AWE!!!! Cutesy little babies!!!!
    And that shawl is gorgeous.

  5. Interesting way to repurpose pvc pipe - we have a pile of it here and will sure try your method on some of our tomatoes this year. Thanks!

  6. Love love love that kid! I'm happy of him, too! Oh yes, love the babies and the tomato stakes! And the die for!

  7. I try to keep myself to a one project a time rule. Otherwise I never finish! But then if I'm on a boring project I can go weeks without knitting. SO I don't know which is better.


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