Friday, June 17, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 121)


Greetings and Salutations. It is again Friday. A beautiful and sunny day so the weatherman tells me. I will take his word for it for the time being. And if it is Friday that means that it is time for Quick Takes. So sit back, take a nice big gulp of your coffee and lets see what has been going on. And after you are done with my blathering then click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my bike as I ride down hill, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else is doing.

And now on to the blather.

And it will be blather because I lead a very boring life.

Various things that I have seen on my bike rides and walks this week.

- turkeys
- one orange workman’s earplug lying at the side of the road
- more beer cans than I can count
- hawks soaring
- chipmunks playing “chicken” with bike tires
- various pieces of clothing discarded by the side of the road
- a used condom on my nice, quiet street (sorry). As my cousin Jon so succinctly said, “I guess your street wasn’t all that quiet last night”. So true evidently.

LookLeap and I have more things now planted in the garden. The zucchini and cucumber seeds are now it. The peas are up. The first planting of green beans are sprouting. The basil is happy and we have decided to add 6 more plants. We like basil….a lot. The tomatoes seem to be happy but the broccoli is not. That is quite possibly because we put it in later than we would have liked do to the rain that never seemed to stop.

I will take pictures next week.

Shoe Queen is finally coming home next week. Yipee!! Her job is finished until Fall, the new boyfriend will be off to Europe for a month and it is time for her to be home with us. She has been bunking at the Parental Units home for the last 6 weeks or so.

We haven’t met the new boyfriend yet so he doesn’t have an official name. We are told (by Mimi, Papa, TMO and TSiL) that he is very nice……

We will see.

We have been having trouble with the frig for the last few weeks. It didn’t seem all that cold and that is never a good thing with a frig. Barely cool milk on my morning granola just isn’t right.

I turned the temp down as low as it could go which seemed to help somewhat. But not enough.

I had made sure that there wasn’t anything blocking the air flow vent at the bottom. THAT little vent cost me big several years ago when the same warming thing happened and the frig repair guy came, moved a plastic bag and then charged us LOADS of money for the privilege.

I was frustrated and worried and REALLY didn’t want to call the repair man. That always brings humiliation to me.

And then I went to get the asparagus from the back of the top shelf of the frig. The asparagus that I was going to have for lunch. The asparagus that was sitting upright in a container with it’s feet in some water and covered with a plastic bag…..

A bag that had blocked a vent that I didn’t even know was there.

And since the vent has been unblocked the frig has been lovely and cool.

But I didn’t get to have my asparagus because it was frozen solid on top.

Thank goodness I refrained from calling the repair guy.

Strawberry season is upon us. And I am hoping to get out to pick some next week. I still have frozen berries from last year but they are fast disappearing because I am currently obsessed with making fruit smoothies. Oh how I love them.

And when I pick some strawberries then I am going to make this……

Strawberry Basil Fruit Leather

Oh momma I can hardly wait.

P2P Training Update: Not quite as many miles as last week but that was on purpose. I woke up last Saturday morning, after having already logged almost 40 miles on the bike, and just knew that I didn’t have another ride in me. My body would have died at about mile 2. So this week I logged a few less miles but made sure that I walked at least two days. So the total for the week so far (not including what I will ride tomorrow) is 27 miles. But I feel great after my 13 mile bike ride this morning so I am making progress. The ride today: The Blueberry Hill of Exquisite Pain + The Chapped Buns addition.

My heart is breaking today for my knitting friend Karen, who learned this morning that her son and grandson have been lost in a car accident. I cannot imagine the pain.


  1. Big sadness for Karen. I can't, can't even comprehend that. I'll be saying prayers.

  2. Oh how sad! My prayers are with her and her family.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your friends loss. Like you, I can't even begin to imagine what life must be like for her right now. I wish her peace and comfort during this time of sorrow.


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