Friday, March 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 110)


The end of the week is upon us and even though the calendar says that it is now Spring we still had snow fall this week. Just a little bit but it was still snow. And the daytime temperature has been in the 30’s. That just isn’t friendly. Oh well such is Spring in the Frozen Northeast Ohio. Remember, after reading the sunshine and roses blathering you will find here, click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my rapidly graying hair, over to Conversion Diary.

And now on with the blathering.

This fellow eats nuts on my deck just about every morning.

IMG_1456A IMG_1459A

And makes a mess.

You know, come to think of it. I have absolutely no idea if it is a “fellow” or a “lady”. And I am not going out there to lift it’s little squirrely behind to get the definitive on that.

We will all just have to wonder.

Max the Wonder Dog is still struggling with his cold. He has now “lost his voice” so sometimes I don’t hear him when he barks to come in. Poor baby.

And the snoring noises that he is producing when he is sleeping are something that is not known in the civilized world. We have had to have him sleep in the laundry room at night. That is where his “crate” is anyways and that is often where he sleeps. But when he is a bit “under the weather” he likes to sleep on the stair landing….which is right below our bedroom door…..and that means that we can hear him sneeze (wetly) and snore and shake and mutter all night long.

We just couldn’t take it any more.

I am, more and more, experimenting with pictures taken with the ipod.

Can I just tell you I love that little device.


And I have discovered Instagram.

I don’t remember where I actually heard about it, somewhere on Twitter I would think. Oh my word this little app is just too much fun.


Take the picture. Select what you want to do with it. Send it to Twitter or Facebook if you choose. Just another reason to take pictures.

As if I needed a reason.

I have a new phrase to describe myself…

At age 51 I am like room temperature butter…..I am spreading.

Sorry, I just had to share cuz I share everything with you.

HHBL and I went out to brunch on Sunday. If you are ever in Hudson, Ohio you need to go to Tomato Grill.

I love this place. I had eaten there numerous times for lunch but never for Sunday brunch. And since it was to celebrate the old natal day I splurged and had Eggs Benedict which is such a guilty pleasure for me. Poached eggs! Hollandaise Sauce!! And then they also topped it with prosciutto and this tangy salsa that had capers in it. I adore capers. And instead of putting all of that on English muffins they put it on top of Chiabbata bread. Oh be still my beating heart. And just to top off the whole experience….

I also ordered bacon.

I am a wild woman.

But I really need to learn to make better poached eggs. Mine always seem to turn out wrong. How hard can this be for the love of Pete!

I look outside of my house these days and I get a bit overwhelmed thinking about all the things that I need to do outside when it finally warms up…..about July I think.

No, I have to get out there MUCH sooner than that. I am going to be doing some major rehab of the front landscaping. You can also read that as I am pulling out most of the bushes. I don’t know what is going to be going in but I do know what is going to be coming out.

And I am also going to be doing a major cleaning out of all the flower beds.

We have been in Chez Knit for 10 years and things just need to be dug up, divided, rearranged and rehabbed.

And so I am going to be putting in a lot of sweat equity this summer. And perhaps hiring a young college student to do some of the heavier lifting.

I am quaking at all the work. And also itching to get started.

HHBL and I looked out the kitchen windows on Wednesday to see the orange feral kitty standing in the back garden.

Hey look, there is that orange cat! (me)

Hey there is another one! (HHBL)

And LOOK, there are two more, the tiger and the calico!! (me)

I have seen all of these cats (I think they are about 2 years old) at various times but never all together. I am guessing that they are a litter from “momma cat” who I would see occasionally. Also, they all seemed to appear out from under my deck which makes me think that is where they bedded down for the night. They all made a bee line for the barn and were looking for a way to get it, I am assuming because they could hear the mice that are always in there.

Good. Go and eat the mice but stay the heck away from my birds.

And someone asked me later in the day if I was going to put out food for the kitties.

My response was….NO! Then they become my kitties and I don’t want that to happen.

I just hope that they make it in the woods, which they seem to have done so far. There are lots of things in the trees that would love to much on a smallish cat.


  1. #4 Spreading + #5 bacon = DUH

    #5 Apparently poaching eggs is very difficult. I had a disastrous experience with mine in the BLT post. ::sigh::

    #7 I love kitties. Feed them.

    #My Own...I ate basil that I picked from my herb garden yesterday. I just had to poke you with that one.

  2. Even though I know they still looks weird to me when I see a black squirrel. Our squirrels are all gray and I always do a double take when I see the darker ones. Excellent capture by the way. :)

  3. #7
    Even if you don't feed them, they may have already decided that you are "theirs." Just give in.
    (My family's first cat stuck around for 2 weeks while we were on vacation and several days after we got home before we gave in. She was the sweetest cat ever!)

  4. My husband, who has studied/studies legal history (I am not sure if it will end up in his dissertation), would probably point out that the kitties became yours as soon as they took up residence on your property, in your line of sight.

    "Although," he once pointed out, "cats don't actually show up in the codes; I think that cats were not really a sought-after possession in the ancient world." Unlike, for example, swarms of honeybees, who seem to have been hotly contended.

  5. Is that what squirrels look like in your neck of the woods? I wish we had some of those! He makes our grey ones seem not as cute!

  6. I AM looking forward to the yards looking green again, but NOT to the yardwork... Too bad I can't afford a gardener...


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