Monday, March 7, 2011

Explain This Please.

Why on why do I have so much trouble blogging on Mondays?

I am a Monday blogging sloth.

A slug.

My brain is full of absolutely nothing except for perhaps the fact that I am knitting tonight with the Knit Sibs. Otherwise I have nothing that is particularly earth shattering to say.

I do have a recipe for this week….Chocolate Moon Pies….that is to die for. And I have to tell you the story of “The Washing Machine Repair and the Case of the Language Misunderstanding”.

And really, I would like to expound on what I think about what is going on in Wisconsin but I don’t think I am going to go there.

Oh and then there is the rant I would like to unload about the deer that were pawing in the garden yesterday. I let Max take care of them.

And maybe I could cover the Cleveland Auto Show that HHBL and I attended on Saturday and how I feel about auto shows in general.

But other than that…..


But no one ever shows up around here so it won’t be a problem right? At least that is what my "reader" widget is telling me. It is telling me that I have absolutely no readers at all and that no one loves me and that I should just give up on blogging and go home. That widget is really mean.

At least the snow that fell on Sunday is melting and the sun is shining and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. But I am a whiner and I can’t get my fingers to warm up and I need more coffee and perhaps a donut.

Or a chocolate chip cookie.

I don’t have any donuts around here but I do have chocolate chip cookies.

I need a nap.


  1. Ummmm .... I'm here. Now your widget is bumming me out!

  2. A nap sounds great!! Go for it. I read your blog every time you post BTW

  3. I'm here, too. I think those reader widgets are the death of blogging. I have a "stats" page and I finally had to quit looking at it because it was making me crazy. I'd get a bunch of readers for a post that I thought was boring as hell, and no readers for the ones I liked... just say what you want (which I think is what you told me when I blogged about this, anyway) :-) or eat a chocolate chip coookie. You're good, either way.

  4. I usually am waiting impatiently on Mondays for your next blog after the weekend drought! (In case you're wondering why then am I just now leaving a message -- my iPad wouldn't let me earlier! Grr.)

    Mondays are hard for everyone though. Just like you, we all are getting our acts together, working back into the groove of the week.

  5. Blah. Ignore the widget. You are in my Google Reader and I obsessively read everything you write.

    Oh wait, did that sound creepy?

    Hmmm. How about "I couldn't live without the dose of laughter you bring into my life?"

    Still kind of creepy?

    OK...I like your blog. How's that?


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