Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I had planned another post, a better post. But this post ate that post.

This will be short and sweet.

My washing machine has died. It will wash, it will fill, it will drain, it will not spin.

No spin, no way.

Just a really angry and terrible noise. Squealing and metal. It sounds like something from Transformers.

And so, for the rest of the afternoon I will be wringing out small batches from the very big load of darks that I had washed. Wring out all the water and then attempt to dry small batches in the dryer.

And I will be thinking about what to do.

Fix the 10 year old washer?

Look to purchase an inexpensive new one?

Join a nudist colony in a warmer climate?

Just kidding about the last one. I needed some levity. I have already shed a boat load of tears this afternoon.

This is not the way I wanted to get back into the swing of things after 10 days in Tucson.


  1. Oh, that would reduce me to tears too.

    Maybe have a repairman come and at least let you know what's wrong and how much it would cost to fix it so you can decide whether to buy a new one?

    The word verification for this comment is "poories". Doesn't that sound appropriate for the situation? Feeling poories for you and the washer. Maybe I should look it up before using it in a sentence in case it means something totally inappropriate! lol

  2. Aw, the price you pay for ten days in Tucson... So sorry for your angst. Looks like whether or not to fix your ten year old washer depends on the it's quality, your finances and your personal feelings about newer is better versus making things work. (How very non committal of me!) But I have been where you are and had the washer fixed - it is pushing 30 years old and still going strong. It is family... but it was expensive... Good luck!

  3. Our washer's spinner stopped spinning too, but it wasn't making an awful noise like yours is. Otherwise, I would have been able to tell you just to get it fixed because ours didn't cost that much. (And I think we have the same washer ... or was it the dryer?)

    If only those repairmen wouldn't charge their stupid expensive services fees just to come look at it.

    Good luck!

  4. It sounds like it might just be a belt! If that's the case, I'd probably fix the space in the landfill. :-)

  5. Nudist colony!

    I'm sorry about your washer, what a nuissance- and I'm sure you have loads to do from your trip/


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