Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Max And His Mini Me.

So, over the past weekend we were out visiting the Parental Units, TMO, TSiL and Shoe Queen. It is nice to be able to do all of that at one time. And we also threw in cousin Too Tall Tim(T3) and his lovely wife Ardith Series (private joke there sorry).

And of course we had to take Max with us. He of the still snotty nose. I love all of you too much to describe what that stuff looks like that he is still producing, although he is slowly getting better.

I love visiting with cousins. I am the oldest of the bunch and therefore obviously the wisest. But I occasionally feel my age when T3 tells me that he is a mere 33 years of age and I am reminded of the fact that I remember when he was born. I remember LONG before he was born.


Just as an aside (not that I EVER rabbit trail or anything). When T3 was growing up I thought perhaps that he might have stunted growth because all I ever remember him eating was carrots, celery and hotdogs.

Deb Tim 1 Deb Tim 2 Deb Tim 3I did not need to worry about his height evidently.

And now back to the actual purpose of this rather rambling post.

SO. We were there. T3 and AS were there. Max was there. And T3/AS had brought their dog, Cinder. We had never met Cinder before but we had heard all about her.

When she arrived it was all Max chasing her around the house with his nose glued to her behind just trying to get in one really good sniff.

Come ON! I just want one sniff. That way I can catalog you and when we meet again I will know who you are. Come on, just one. PLEASE?? And then you can sniff my butt right? Just one courtesy sniff is all I am asking.

And Cinder was all.

I. Don’t. Think. So. Get away from me!

And so they went around and around and around for what seemed like hours before they finally settled down to some quiet time. I don’t know if Cinder finally consented to the courtesy sniff of if Max just gave up. It could be either one.

But the really odd thing.

The dogs look almost exactly alike….

IMG_1515A  IMG_1513A IMG_1519A

Max has found his Mini Me!

And soon they will be plotting to take over the world, one kibble at a time.


  1. Max & Cinder are so cute! Love your description of their meeting - always fascinating how they read everything with those incredible noses. -Tammy (of course, you and T3 are cute too ;))

  2. I love the mini-Max pictures! What a resemblance! And I laughed at loud at the montage you put together showing T3's "stunted" growth. Good stuff!

  3. This may be the first time in the history of people putting pictures of their pets on the same pages as other things where the pets don't upstage the other things. That set of you and T3 is a hoot. You're really that short??? :)

  4. @The Mom Chef- I am not short! I am vertically challenged. And T3 is really, really tall.


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