Friday, March 4, 2011

7 Quick Takes (Vol 107)


Here we are again at the end of another week. Only I am all messed up with the days because I came back from vacation on a Tuesday. So I don’t know what day of the week it is. It doesn’t seem like it should be Friday with the weekend looming….

And I digress.

Here is my weekly blathering. Or should I say weak. Cuz these sure are week.

I am still recovering from 10 days of vacation. That means that I just can’t get my act together. Hence the fact that there hasn’t been much blogging going on around here. Or much of anything else either. And it will be until at least Monday before I am remotely back to the normal “me”. And I don’t want to hear ANY cracks about “normal” thankyouverymuch.

It is a whole bunch colder here than it was in Tucson. And therefore I have been unable to get my hands to warm up since I stepped off the plane on Tuesday night.

And I am a whiner.

I have a fully functioning washing machine again. Thank you Ilya. We had a slight language miscommunication when he was telling me what was wrong with the washer but I will tell you about that next week when I give you the excruciatingly long and boring installment in my continuing battle with appliances.

But the washer is fully functioning. And we didn’t have to sign over anything vital to get it fixed so that is a blessing.

Because I actually had time and lovely surroundings last week to indulge in endless reading and knitting I managed to finish….two pairs of socks. I will show pictures once I finally take them.

Well, come to think of it I do have a picture of one of the pairs…
IMG_1403They are really lovely. I finally got around to knitting up the Araucania that I tangled up in a gigantic snarl awhile ago. I had them all washed, dried and ready to wear on the plane on the way back from Tucson…..

And then I stepped in a puddle of dog pee at the in-laws house about an hour before leaving for the airport.

So I didn’t wear them home.

O, and LookLeap……

There is something waiting for you here at my house. Not the socks pictured above but maybe something else.

Well we are supposed to have torrential rain tonight and tomorrow followed by snow on Sunday. We will get enough rain to melt all the snow on the lawn and then we will cover up the grass again.

Man I love March in Cleveland.

But of course, I am much happier to have torrential rain rather than a ton of snow. We have already received about 110 inches so far this season. I think that is enough for this year thank you.

My daffodils are emerging in the back garden and I would like for them not to be shocked by any heavy wet snow like last year.

And again, I am a whiner. Which I am sure my friend, The Mom Chef, would be quick to point out to me. But she has MUCH nicer weather than I do.

HHBL has a men’s retreat this evening and tomorrow so the big question that is running around in my brain is what to make myself for dinner.

And yes, when he isn’t home I do cook for myself. I love to cook and that isn’t dependent on whether he is home or not.

The question is what to cook.

I just can’t decide. But I am sure that I will come up with something before it is actually time to eat. Most likely it will be a large salad with chicken, candied pecans and gorgonzola topped with a raspberry vinaigrette. You know, having just written that sentence I can now assure you that that is what I am going to have.

I am not too hungry at the moment because I had brunch with my Prayer Peeps but I will be ready for that salad by dinner time. Along with a nice glass of wine.

I think I will.

I have nothing else to say except I must now go and cast on a hat for my friend Sue. She is in the midst of her chemo treatments for breast cancer. She still has her hair….but it is going to be leaving her today she thinks. And then she will need hats. And I love to knit hats. AND I have a bunch of patterns that I have been wanting to try.

So she gets hats. And hugs. And love.

Have a great week one and all.


  1. I send hugs and love and prayers, but no hats, to your friend Sue too.

    Thanks for the shout-out; I think. Warmer here, yes, but here's irony for you. We're in drought conditions.


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