Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Goody

Guess what???

It is raining!

And pretty soon it will be snowing!!! The weather men/women here in the Frozen Northeast Ohio are kindly telling us that we are going to get 4 inches of snow tonight with another 8 inches possible tomorrow.

That would add up to a foot of snow.

To add to the 110 inches of snow that we have already had this year.


And so it seemed like a day when I should do something that I hadn’t ever done before. OK, I did clean and do some laundry and we all know that there is always some of that going on around here.

No, I decided that I should make pita breads.

And they are absolutely awesome.

I wish you could see them. Well you could if I would get up off my bahookie and take a picture of them but…..I am too lazy to do that at the moment. So you will have to wait until I do another batch of them and take pictures of the process. Let me tell you, once you have made these you will never buy them again. They are totally and completely better than the dried out ones that you get in a package at the store. And I bet that you didn’t even know that the ones that you can buy really aren’t what they should be like.

I certainly didn’t until I bought a package of freshly baked pita breads from a little store in a small town in Israel. And when I opened the package, took out a pita and ate it the angels sang and my eyes were opened.

And I don’t think that it had anything to do with the fact that we were visiting the Holy Land at the time. The pitas were just that good.

And the other awesome thing about this recipe was that the whole process took about an hour and 15 minutes from start to finish. Now that is my kind of yeast bread recipe.

Oh fine, fine. Here is a picture of the luscious little pillows of goodness. Tonight for dinner I am going to top them with some hummus, sliced tomato, chicken and tzatziki sauce. With a lovely glass of chardonnay.
IMG_1420                                        Oh dinner come quickly

And now I am off to do something else that I have never done before. At least not on purpose.

I am going to felt something in my washing machine.

Wish me luck.


  1. At least most of the 110" of snow is melted. We still have a coupla piles behind our house from driveway plowing, otherwise it is gone. Still ice on our lake though

  2. Oh my, your pita looks perfect.

  3. If I can come for dinner, I'll help you felt! ;p

  4. @ Cindy- Yes, thank goodness this snow fall doesn't add to snow already on the ground.

    @The Mom Chef - thank you. Coming from you, who knows her pitas, that is a compliment!

    @Kathy- Hop on a plane right now!


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