Tuesday, March 8, 2011

That’s The Way I Like Them

I love my stone wall that bends around from one side of the house down to the side yard. It isn’t an old wall. Less than 10 years old as a matter of fact. But over the years it has grown mossy and I love it.


And I love the stone steps that lead from the front walk way down to the side yard. In fact you can’t really see the stone steps at all any more. They are covered with moss.


And I love my little side yard that looks out over the ravine. It is so quiet and peaceful down there and…..


Wait just one cotton pickin’ minute here. What is that?

Egads! Zounds! Crap! (Sorry I said crap)

IMG_1407A Doggonit! The deer have been using the side yard for their own personal sepitcal area. How rude.

And we all know that I don’t particularly like the marauders from the woods deer. 

IMG_1945A What did you say? You don’t like deer? Snort!

Well I do like deer if they come in this form

IMG_1416A IMG_1417A IMG_1418AYummmmmmmmm. Nice spicy Bambi Sticks courtesy of Pilot Man.

That is the only way that I am ever going to tolerate the deer.

Especially when they insist on doing their business in my side yard.

And are you REALLY surprised that I posted pictures of deer droppings. If you are then I guess I really should post all the pictures of bear poop that I have taken over the years.


  1. I would love to see the pictures of bear poop. I finally saw my first bear at Honey Rock a couple of years ago. I've never seen their poop though.

  2. I'm laughing out loud here! I do like the moss on the wall and steps though.

    I take it you didn't rush out and buy Bambi on Blue-Ray?

  3. You have my great sympathy in regards to deer and garden. I once lived in such an area. Nope, not anymore! Flowers grow abundantly unmolested in my back yard. Yayyyy!

    Those deer eat anything!

  4. One year my darling husband power-washed all the boulders in our landscaping. Horrors!! (I was NOT happy.) All that soft moss and those sweet little ferns growing in-between the rocks were blasted to oblivion. They did eventually grow back ... and I do the power-washing now.

  5. (Come to think of it, maybe getting me to do the job was his plan all along. Kind of like shrinking my favorite sweater. I don't let him anywhere near our clothes washer now. Maybe he's smarter then I give him credit for! Hmmmm.)

  6. You make me laugh. Sadly, in the new home we just purchased (YAY!!), there are those darn deer droppings all up the front sidewalk and back patio as well....what to do about that????


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