Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Random List


1. I wish that it wasn’t raining and cold. But I am thankful that it isn’t snow because if it was we would be getting A LOT of snow.

2. I wish I had a Bear Claw hot out of the oven from that bakery that we used to go to in Dallas right down the way from Campisi’s Egyptian Pizza. OOOOOOO, if you got there around 11p they would be fresh and hot and yummy.

3. My wheat bread has a growth on it.

IMG_1404But that didn’t stop me from eating a lovely large piece of it this morning.

With butter.

And peanut butter.

4.I wish that I was doing this right now

IMG_0021But I can tell you that I will be doing this later on today
5. I have begun to collect pictures that I take with my ipod of people that I see out and about. I am thinking of it as my own sort of People of Walmart collection. I am starting out with this woman.
IMG_0007 What I couldn’t capture, because I was standing too close and trying to be sneaky, was that she was about a 100 years old and also had a bright pink streak in her hair.

I want to be as bold as she when I grow up.

6. Dairy Queen is having a special this month…..Mint Oreo Blizzards.

I believe that there is one in my VERY near future.


7. I never drink fruit juice unless it is fresh squeezed orange juice. I just don’t like it. Well, all except for hot apple cider but only in the darkest winter months. Otherwise….Nada.

But do not fear. I consume a great deal of fresh fruit.

8. There is a river running through my front yard at the moment and it is days like this that make me very thankful that my house sits way up high. You should see what the little stream at the bottom of the ravine looks like at the moment. It isn’t so little.

9. I have no idea what we are having for dinner. And the clock is ticking.

10. I need another cup of coffee. But I am not going to be having another cup of coffee. Because I would like to sleep tonight. And the coffee cut off time around Chez Knit is 3p.

But Wine o’clock will soon be here thank goodness.


  1. #5 Eye roll.

    #8 "You should see..."

    You have a camera, no?

    #10...I just realized that I didn't have a Diet Coke today and now it's too late (my cut-off time is 1pm on caffeine). Doggonit. NOW I'm jonesing.

  2. What a fun random list! My mind works in tangents like this list so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  3. I love those boots. I'm looking forward to being old enough that I would be willing to wear them in public. Come to think of it, that might be pretty soon.

    let me know what you think of to make for dinner. I don't mind cooking, but I hate deciding what to have.

  4. I just heard on the radio that we may have a foot of snow by tomorrow afternoon.

    Oh joy. Here we go again.

  5. Hahahaha...random lists are my favorite. :-)

    It's Wine O'Clock Somewhere! :-)


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