Monday, December 13, 2010

Round Two!

I have lived in the Frozen Northeast Ohio for a long time now, 25 years to be exact. We get snow in December. We get snow in October for that matter. But I don’t remember a December that has started out this snowy.

This time last week we were receiving our first big snow fall of the season. Here at Chez Knit we topped out at 24 inches of accumulation. You would have thought that would be plenty for the month.


185244979_Position11See that big red area. That is our Winter Storm Warning area. See that big blob of green. That is Lake Effect snow dumping on Chez Knit and the surrounding area.

IMG_0916ADumping I tell ya! 6 inches since last night with another 36 hours of Winter Storm Warning to go.

And that means that I am home today sitting at my desk and watching the birdies eat about 10 pounds of black sunflower seeds.

IMG_0892A  IMG_0895AIMG_0906AIMG_0907AIMG_0914A

I guess that there are worse things that I could be doing.

Like eating Liver and Onions.


  1. I am soooo happy I live nowhere near the Lakes! Aaii, yai, yai!

  2. I live in Western New York on the other side of the lakes. We got a ton of snow already and it's snowing, snowing, snowing today. I love when I get home from work and know that I don't have to leave again until morning. Good night to wrap Christmas presents!

  3. Thanks to winds out of the north instead of the northwest, our town was spared the worst of it off of Lake Michigan. But it is very cold and windy!

    Love the pictures of the birds!

  4. It's uncanny how I've been watching the birds outside my window as well (great day to order the last of my Christmas gifts online!) and was just thinking that I need to get up off my butt and grab the camera.

    (I love Cardinals against the white backdrop! So beautiful!)

  5. Ah . . . liver and onions. What a wonderful meal. How can one love Braunschweiger and yet not love liver and onions?

  6. I love those bird pictures. Especially that cute scarlet finch. Those little guys are so counting on you to take care of then now that their food is beneath 30 feet of snow!

    I agree with you on liver and onions. Unfortunately, it's hubby's favorite meal. I gag just handling the stuff to make it for him.

  7. 25 years--wow--where did you live before? Unfortunately I have lived here all my life--61 years to be exact.

  8. @Donald - it is one of the mysteries of my life. Love liverwurst, hate liver.

    @Chris - Grew up in the Chicago area and went to school in Texas.

    @The Mom Chef - you are a MUCH better wife than I am. If HHBL liked liver I still wouldn't make it for him.

  9. My husband loved gizzards. I made them for him on occasion but he liked the ones KFC sold better, which is just fine!

    That cardinal; beautiful. In Kentucky if you see a cardinal it is said the weather will change. So you could hold out hope it's the same in the frozen north.

    I don't ever want to live anywhere north of the Ohio River!

  10. It snows, so you diss liver and onions?! jk.
    What a great view you've got!!! And you can sit inside where it's warm and knit. What's better than that? Definitely not snow blowing...

  11. What beautiful pictures! It looks like a tough job - sitting there looking at those birds, but somebody has to do it! My 100% born and bred Floridian nephew is up your way working as a lineman. He is learning what lake effect snow is all about. Bless his little Florida heart!


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