Friday, December 10, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 96)


7_quick_takes_sm Egads! It is Friday again and Quick Takes has snuck up on me on it’s “little cat feet”. So, after reading my insanely boring blathering below be sure to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of the snow falling from the sky and piling onto my deck, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been up to.

Max the Wonder Dog’s cold seems to finally be getting better. Two weeks of snotty dog nose is just about all that I can handle. And a dog with a long snot can produce a great deal of secretions. And the sounds that he made as he would be breathing through that snout were just amazing.

The alternative was to dope him up with Benadryl. Yes you can give dogs Benadryl. But to do any good he would have to have two capsules and then he would just be loopy. Thank goodness I think we are on the downward side of this little snot mountain.

Sorry, I used the word snot a lot.

And speaking of snot and sneezing as we were, I was in JoAnn Fabrics yesterday to get some fabric for a project that I am doing. I am standing there waiting for the clerk to measure out and cut the fabric. There is another clerk there measuring out and re-rolling a bolt of cloth….

She sneezes and then sneezes again. Big sneezes…..

Right into her hand. No elbow. Not sleeve. Not Kleenex. Hand.

And then she goes right back to touching the fabric, the counter, the scissors.

I was so grossed out I almost walked away. And if she had been cutting my fabric I would have refused to take it.


Oh and speaking of snow, as I seem to do a lot this time of year. Our friendly neighborhood weather people are saying that there is a BIG storm coming this weekend followed by Lake Effect Snow. And that in the “snow belt” (that I live on the edge of and am essentially in) will then get slammed by more Lake Effect snow. And that some areas could get up to…..

wait for it……..

3 feet of snow.

Since I believe that meterology is the only profession where you can be wrong and still get paid I am hoping and hoping that they are totally and completely wrong.

Shoe Queen drives back home next week from college and she will have to pass through not one but TWO lake effect snow areas.

My mother’s heart trembles.

And my arms tremble at the thought of shoveling.

And yes, I know, The Mom Chef is still snickering when I talk about snow.

Because it is now winter I am back to eating oatmeal at least 3 mornings a week, interspersed with the occasional bowl of Coco Wheats or Malto Meal.

Oh how I love oatmeal.

And yes I do use the old fashioned kind. The stuff that takes way longer than “one minute” to make. It really doesn’t take all that long to make and it tastes better. I think it is because there is more texture to it.

Of course, even as I am sitting here eating my oatmeal and extolling it’s virtues I have just remembered that I am eating breakfast out with my prayer group.

Rats. No bacon for me today.

OK, I lied. I had bacon. I just couldn’t resist it.

One more big party to go here at Chez Knit, the company Christmas party. This one will make me crazy because I don’t know these people very well so the whole “performance anxiety/they won’t like me” thing will come into play.

It is in a week so that means that next week I will be crazy all week getting ready.

I can feel the old blood pressure going up already. I have no clue what I am serving other than I think it will be food.

And darn it, that means that I have to clean the house again.

Tonight is Pizza and Movie night here at Chez Knit. HHBL and I decided a while ago that we would institute this sort of “in home date night”. It seems especially good during the winter months because who wants to go out into the cold.

And now that we have the big comfy leather couth back upstairs it is just so relaxing.

Besides, we are trying to squeeze as much out of our Netflix account as possible.

And speaking of Netflix, which I love, the best thing is that we get two movies out at a time. That means that HHBL and I can each have our own individual “queue” which is a good thing. We have VERY different tastes in movies at times.

So, the pizza dough is already made, the Great Lakes Brewing Company Burning River Ale is cold and I think we will be watching Toy Story 3. I might have to make some popcorn too. I haven’t decided yet.

Does popcorn go with beer?

Pretty soon we will have all the progeny back in the nest for a short period of time. Christmas weekend is going to be REALLY busy. Cartoon Girl is here for 9 days and her roomie will be coming in for 4 days. TMO and TSiL will be here for a few days before going out to California for a wedding. And Shoe Queen arrives home this coming Thursday, weather permitting.

Shoe Queen is driving by herself back from college. She is a good driver. It isn’t a difficult drive.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t worry. I am just programmed that way.

I can hardly wait!!


  1. Popcorn goes with anything. I'd say beer goes with anything, but I don't like beer.

    Sounds like a wonderful evening, you romantic devil you!

  2. Well dang, you make it hard to say it when you steal my thunder. Did your parents do what mine did? We had shovels until all four of us moved out. THEN they got a snow blower. Hubby knows our moving rule is that I will never hold a snow shovel in my hands again. So if he feels inclined to move further north, it's his back, not mine.

    (Beer does go with anything and I like it.)

  3. I hope the weathermen are full of hot air!
    As for company Christmas parties, I don't get one as I work from home and my boss is like 2000 miles away and doesn't celebrate Christmas. So I go to my old employers party because my hubby still works there. I dread seeing my old boss after he's had a drink or two... He has to justify letting me go all those years ago... fun times...


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