Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Am Max and I Am A Bad Dog

IMG_1096AI am Max and I am a bad dog. I ate a stick of butter this morning when Alpha Male left to do some grocery shopping and everyone else was either working out or sleeping.

I love butter.

It goes down so smoothly and tastes so good.

It was right there on the counter and was within my reach.

I couldn’t help myself.

My crime wasn’t discovered until later in the morning when the youngest progeny made toast and commented that she needed to get out another stick of butter.

Shoe Queen: I need to get out some more butter
Alpha Male: I just put a new stick of butter out this morning.
Shoe Queen: But there is only this little bit on the plate.
Alpha Male: I put some out this…….


I went right in my house. I feel safe there.

But I have been out A LOT this afternoon.

Alpha Male keeps muttering something about “Greased Lightening”. Do you know what she means?


  1. My dog once ate an ENTIRE meatloaf. No human got even a teensy bite of it ....

    All you have to say is "meatloaf" to her now and she hangs her head in shame.

  2. Awwwww... Max :) Plenty of 'essential oils' for sweet Max today. What a cute picture!! Happy New Year to you and Max and everyone else at your abode ;) -Tammy

  3. My husband just said that should slide out the backside easily!

  4. Max! You are soooo under-appreciated! Come live with me! I need someone to help clean the counter (and the floor) after I finish cooking. Good Boy, Max!

  5. LOL! My dog has done that too, but with thawing beef stew meat... Found the still thawing evidence on the livingroom carpet...
    Max Max Max...


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