Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Cartoon Girl!!

She is 24 years old today and I just don’t know how that happened.

She has grown up to be a penny pinching, highly intelligent, very individual illustrator/cartoonist. She lives and works in the big city which is amazing in itself considering the fact that when she was growing up she didn’t even like to talk to people that she didn’t know.

Come to think of it NYC might be just the perfect place for her.

Ash and PepperA Dogs and cats love her. I think the feeling is mutual, especially cats.

Image35-1 (rev 0) She loves her sisters

sh cr_36 Most of the time anyways. Those middle school years were rather dicey around here.

Ashley cracks upShe has a wicked sense of humor and can make me laugh until my uterus falls out better than just about anyone.

That is if I still had a uterus anyways.

But she really does crack me up.

She is my movie buddy. If there are lines to be said from movies then she is the one to know them.

disguises She has her own unique sense of style. Thank goodness she has forgone wearing fake moustaches but she does love vintage clothing.

Cartoon Girl I am extremely proud of you and the woman that you have become. You are awesome.

img_6344-1(rev 0) img_6351img_6511 
Now come home for Christmas because I need someone to watch White Christmas with me.

Happy Birthday my oldest progeny. I am so glad that I didn’t murder you at age 15.

But it was a close thing.


  1. It's very hard to read your posts and not laugh out loud.

    Even when everyone else is sleeping.

    Happy birtday cg- you are completely adorable!


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