Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heather Stole My Ornament.

It is December. And for me, that means…..

The Annual Ornament Exchange.

Or as I like to think of it, the only time when I feel like I can steal and not go to jail.

I wasn’t sure that it was going to happen this year. When Chez Knit was for sale there were serious doubts in my mind as to what would happen come December. If the house had sold and we were able to move then I wouldn’t have the party. If the house was still on the market what would I do. But all was solved when we took Chez Knit off the market and rearranged our furniture back the way that we like it. Then I knew I could invite the friends and neighbors to come to my house on the first Monday in December to have some tea and cookies and sedate conversation and…..

Did you really believe that last sentence? Seriously?

Prep for the extravaganza began late last week when I started to assemble ingredients for various dishes. I got the decorating done. I had my little gifts that I give everyone all finished and ready.

And then Monday rolled around.

And I was reminded in a rather forceful way that I live in the Frozen Northeast Ohio where Lake Effect snow happens….a lot. And I was a mass of seething anxiety because where was everyone going to park and what were we going to do and would people even want to come out on a night like this………

But then I got a hold of myself and figured that someone would surely show up and I had better get cooking and cleaning.

IMG_0831AThankfully people did arrive. Mostly on time too which was amazing considering the winter wonderland that was going on outside.

IMG_0832 And of course there was plenty of food. Loads of food. And the desserts!

Oh the desserts!

IMG_0834  Do you know what these are? Can you even guess the deliciousness of them.

These are cake pops made by The Mixer Sisters. Oh lord in heaven they are good. And because I know the Mixer Sisters they brought these with them. Because they wanted to make me happy.

And because they wanted to deflect me and make sure that I was too happy to institute the “Hope and Heather Non-Collusion” rule. After last years little “incident” I was debating it’s merits.

IMG_0837Everyone sits around and eats and talks and catches up on what is happening in their lives.

IMG_0839 Did I mention that we eat. This at one time held a heaping mess of Jana’s DooDads. Wiped clean. Barely a crumb left for Cindy Lou Who.

And finally, after everyone has had seconds and possibly thirds we repair to the Family Room to sedately pick our ornaments.


IMG_0843A These are my hard working numbers. Everyone gets one. We start with number 1 and work our way to whatever last number there is. You can pick a wrapped ornament…….

Or you can steal an ornament from someone else. But you cannot “steal back” an ornament that has already been stolen from you. And once an ornament has been stolen twice then it is no longer “stealable”. That last rule makes for a bunch of scheming and whispering…..

IMG_0862AYes, these are Hope and Heather. They look so innocent. But looks can be deceiving.

IMG_0850A Kelly comes to the realization that she has been stolen from.

IMG_0851ASo she just goes ahead and steals an ornament from Carolyn. All is fair in love and ornament exchanges.

IMG_0854A Oh Sue, I wouldn’t get too attached to him if I were you.

IMG_0857Gone in a flash. Mary Mac had her eye on him from the very start.

IMG_0864Look! It has my eyebrows!

IMG_0867Heather stole my ornament!

IMG_0872 Really, this is what we do throughout the entire evening. We laugh and laugh and laugh.

IMG_0875IMG_0877AAnd finally the last ornament is stolen unwrapped and then I make everyone go back and have more food because I just don’t want all of it hanging around. I still need to fit into my clothes.

And then everyone tromped back out into the night and the snow (16 inches at that point). Dan helped me clean up and I collapsed into bed.

I am already planning next year.


  1. Hey now....this year there were others conspiring too!!!! Heheheheehe - gotta loves us creative ones. Once again, a fabulous evening full of laughter, delicious food and STEALING. Love being part of such a tradition

  2. I'm going to figure out a way to sneak into Kathy S's house to steal my snowman ornament BACK!! >:(

  3. If I can name everyone in the photo, and a few might admit to knowing me, could I come next year?

  4. Ah, what fun! Next year you MUST line up the ornaments for a group photo! lol

  5. I assume you didn't serve liquor or there would have been a lot of accidents in 16" of snow! Looks like lots of fun!

  6. I see poppyseed ham rolls! I can eat those until I am sick; they are so good and buttery and cheesey and naughty.


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