Friday, December 3, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 95)


Wow, somehow Friday is upon me again. That means that it is Quick Takes and another chance to blather on about the little snippets in my week that are just too boring for an entire post. So read below and then click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of my ever expanding holiday waistline, over to Conversion Diary to see what everyone else has been doing.

Let the blathering begin 

Well, Thanksgiving is over and the Christmas season has begun. I always put a moratorium on listening to ANY Christmas music until after the turkey has been consumed. But now it is Christmas musicpalooza here at Chez Knit.

And is there a more perfect piece of music EVAH than the Hallelujah Chorus.

I don’t think so.


In the Christmas vein, the decorations are all up except for one wreath that needs to be hung when HHBL is home so that I don’t kill myself. Several years ago, when I was into a third full day of decorating, I looked at my sweaty unhappy self and said

Self, we are not doing this again. We are simplifying decorating so that it can be done in one day or less!

And so I did. Now I did stretch it over two days this year but that is because when I was about 3/4 of the way through I got distracted doing something else.

OK, and I was just plain lazy. But now it is done. I will show you pictures next week.

What does it say about my family that Thanksgiving night, to get over our orgy of football watching, we sat and watched The Godfather. I am just not sure.

But doggonit that is a good movie. Not my favorite but brilliant none the less. And my father is sitting there doing quotes. And we are like, “No, no he doesn’t get killed here! He gets killed in about 5 minutes.” And then there might have been quotes like, “Ohhhhhhh, look at all the blood.”

I suppose we could have watched Toy Story 3.


Well, winter is finally here. Perhaps not by the calendar but outside.

It is cold.

And The Plain Dealer this week was telling us that we were short on snow, that it had been 250 days since we had snow.

And so then it snowed and now we have a Lake Effect Snow advisory until Saturday. And we “walking ladies” have had to make the decision that it is time to walk at the local outlet mall rather than at the lovely park with the lake because it has become too icy on the path. I don’t like walking at the outlet mall because we just have to go around and around and around.

And it had better not snow on Monday when I have 25 ladies coming to Chez Knit for the ornament exchange. That has happened on several occasions and one particular time the city snow plow guy wasn’t too happy with me because people had parked on the street.

And I am a whiny baby.

For the last week and a half Max the Wonder Dog has had a cold. Can I possibly express to you what the experience is like to have a dog with a long snout have a cold. And how much snot a snout the size of Max’s snout can produce.

And just so that you know, dog’s can’t blow their noses.

So they just sneeze.

On to the floor or the wall or the carpet or the door or your foot.

Suddenly my oatmeal doesn’t look nearly as appealing as when I started writing this particular post.

How do you handle your holiday baking?

Do you even do holiday baking?

I will do all of it in one day. A giant holiday bakapalooza if you will. Then all the cookies go out into the garage and we just whittle them down.

For a number of years I was invited to several cookie exchanges where I had to bring…….12 DOZEN cookies. That number just boggles my mind and makes my hips expand just thinking about it. We had so many cookies sitting around here. And I will say that any cookies that were not eaten by the first week of January were ones that you knew were never going to be eaten so……I am sorry if you made them but I pitched them.

But I haven’t been asked to a cookie exchange for a while (darn it) so I will just bake our favorites. There might be a recipe or two coming next week.

Oh and this also counts for the candy that I make.

Anyone want to know how to make STELLAR coconut candy?

I am totally stumped for a number 7 so I will give you one more picture from Thanksgiving.

IMG_0576I am sorry to say that I make this face more often than I would like.

What do you mean that coupon is expired!

Excuse me but could you drive a bit faster. I am aging here.

I have to clean up dog snot on the floor? Again?

We are having liver for dinner??

And we can see by the wrinkles in my forehead that I am unaware of the concept of Botox injections.

I am sure after sharing this all of you are wishing sincerely that HHBL had not ever given me a camera.

But now I feel better having shared this with you. But I think I need to go upstairs and take care of my moustache.


  1. I had to laugh because we also watched the The Godfather on Thanksgiving! I had DVRd a fascinating documentary about the pilgrams so I felt a little guilty but we couldn't turn it off.

  2. Liver for dinner sounds delicious.


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