Thursday, December 30, 2010

Prepping For 2011



Christmas Decorations yet unput away.

That is life here at Chez Knit as I wind down to the last days of 2010 and look to 2011.

Since the house is off the market, at least for the time being, I am taking the opportunity to go back through boxes that had been packed. I am being ruthless about what stays and what goes.


AmVets are going to LOVE me come February.

And I am trying to get my work areas back together but smaller and more organized. My brain has been whizzing around with all sorts of creative ideas but I haven’t had all my supplies at  my fingertips for the last 9 months. That has been one of the big frustrations for me. I am definitely a creative person and to have to root around in boxes to find supplies when an idea strikes has been very, very difficult.

And I am trying to get some cleaning done. I have to go into the new year with all the laundry and ironing done. It is just the way I am. The laundry isn’t that much of a problem, two people don’t really make that much laundry…

It is the ironing that I hate.

I hate ironing. I get bored. I want to stop in the middle of the process and I often think, “I will just finish that up the next time I iron.” Knowing full well that it might be another 2 months before I get the urge. So the laundry is all done and I did the ironing this morning at about 8a while I was still motivated.

I might also get the urge to do some vacuuming tomorrow. That definitely needs to happen.

And I am also taking the time to do some planning for the new year, using my new toy


to make lists and plan and do all sorts of things. I am obsessed. And I cannot seem to stop playing reMovem. I am addicted.

What do you do in anticipation of the New Year?

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  1. Unfortunately I anticipate higher bills... But on the bright side, I can pretty much guarantee my son will NOT be moving back in with us!


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