Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Red Through the Years.

I am absolutely clueless about blogging today. I have been to the airport for the second time this week. I am trying to cook beans for the soup tonight. I have bread rising and HHBL and I spent 30 minutes blowing up the air mattress so that Cartoon Girl’s roomie (who is with us for Christmas) could have some place to lay her weary head.

Recipe? Nope don’t feel like it.

Maxwell’s latest exploit. Nope, he has been a good boy since the Fruit Dip incident.

The weather? Well it is snowing but I am sick of thinking about the weather.

So I just thought I would show you pictures of Big Red through the years.

I am pitifully desperate evidently and have nothing of any merit to say. And now you will all leave me.

DSCN2840Aunt Hilda, Uncle Pat (and his ever present cigar) and some girl. I think it is my Aunt Sue. Red looks particularly youthful don’t you think.

DSCN2849Wow, solemn much? That would be Papa in the gray suit with my Amsler Grandparents and Aunt Kathy.

DSCN2851Look at how shiny and red and new Big Red looks. Wow.

DSCN3010Papa, my parental unit and his little sister. And I do mean little. I believe that there is 16 years difference in their ages. Big Red is ageless however.

DSCN3022Who is this child and why is she in my chair. Is this Aunt Sue?

DSCN3036  Yes, I am sorry to say that it is I sitting in Big Red. I am not sure the look I was going for with my hair but I have a feeling that I did not achieve it. I do remember that jumper dress though. It was too tight across the mammilary area and I couldn’t breathe. Perhaps that is why I have that pinched look.

Or it could just be that I was a teenager.

106-0615_IMGAnd here he is now. A bit more weathered. A tad cracked around the edges (just like it’s owner). But happy once more.

Now if I just had time to sit in him and read. But not today.


  1. Actually . . . there was a fifth person included in picture #2849, which was taken for the Christmas 1953 holiday card. Your Aunt Sue - born 06 April 1954 - was "in utero" and about 28WK old when the picture was taken . . . concealed by the tasteful black maternity dress worn by EMA.

  2. I have chairs and a couch which I've had for 30+ years, recovered twice and good as new. I don't see anything wrong with the chair as it exists but it would look new with a new upholstery job.

  3. I love, love, love this set of pictures! I'm so sad that we don't have a piece of furniture that's been passed down like that. How very cool.


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