Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Elixir of Life

And I don’t mean whiskey. I mean coffee. That wonderful beverage that so many of us just have to have in order for our day to go as it should.

So, on my birthday last month, for my first Facebook update of the morning I wrote something about coffee, or as I like to call it, “the elixir of life”. It was my birthday, I get up early, I make my coffee….you get the picture.

And then a couple of days later I wrote another one. It was funny, I was enjoying it.

And then next day I did another one….

And the day after that…..

and then I just got sucked in to doing one every morning. I would wake up and when I sat down at my computer I would have one all ready in my head.

And then other people told me that they looked for these little elixir updates each morning.

And now I can’t get off the “Elixir of Life train”. I have people counting on me.

So I thought that I would share them with you. It is pitiful I know. I should have something pithy to tell you. Some pictures to astound you with.

But I only have these.

3/19 - Oh coffee, that elixir of life, speed me on my two mile walk with my friends.
3/22 - Ah hot brown liquid, without cream and sugar thankyouverymuch. Course through my veins and bring me rational thinking.
3/23 - Ahhhhhh, that first sip of the elixir of life. As it courses through my veins and hits my neurons. What could be better.
3/24 - Starts day early. Elixir of life coursing through sluggish veins. Changing hardware in kitchen. Wondering if carpel tunnel is next up.
3/25 - I may require a second cup of the life giving morning libation. The jury is still out.
3/26 - There isn't enough coffee in the world to wake me up this morning. Soooooo. Sluuuuuuuugish.
3/28 - Stimulate my neurons oh caffinated miracle juice.
3/30 - Ahhhhhhh, non-sweetened, black elixir of life made from Sumatran beans that I have ground myself. Work your magic.
3/31 - It isn't raining. It isn't snowing. I think walking at the park is a distinct possibility. And the elixir of life has finally kicked in. I wonder how fast we can do our two miles.
4/1 - My morning mantra.....Brew Baby, Brew!
4/2 - Over slept until 6a! Disaster! Now no time to savor elixir of life before going out to walk. Horror!!
4/3 - Ahhhhhhh, coffee. And the prospect of digging in the dirt. A good day
4/6 - Good morning oh elixir of life. Speed through my capillaries and zip to my brain. I need the jolt this morning.
4/7 - Oh roasted beans from Sumatra, ground to perfection, wake me up. And hurry up about it.
4/8 - Good morning oh non-sweet, black elixir of life. May you brighten my day and do so swiftly.
4/9 - Elixir of life... the first hot sip...that zing of caffeine...and all in my Cartalk Mug. Nirvana.
4/10 - Left over homemade pizza for breakfast. Elixir of life coursing through my veins. Ah, a good Saturday far that is.
4/12 - I sit and sip my elixir of life and think, oh joy, another Monday.
4/13 - Rain? Who cares about the stinkin' rain. I have my elixir of life. All is well.
4/14 - MMMMMMM, what's that wonderful smell? And that lovely, mellow flavor? It is the elixir of life come to make my morning worth getting up for.
4/15 - Hoo boy! The elixir is just kicking in. I need it to kick in faster. Impatient much Deb?
4/16 - Elixir of life how I need you. How non-sweet and black you are to me. Perhaps we can run away together.
4/17 - Oh semi-mellow bringer of alertness, made by someone else today, thank goodness someone thought to harvest, ferment, roast and grind the beans. Elixir of life how I love thee.
4/19 - It is on mornings like this that I wonder if I can put my phlebotomy skills to work to infuse the elixir of life directly into my veins.
4/20 - Must brew faster....must brew faster....
4/21 - The birds are up. I am up. I feel bad for them because they can't have any elixir of life. And they have to eat bird seed.
4/22 - A new day. A cup of the elixir. A to do list that is as long as the tax code and just as complicated. What could be better.
4/23 - Elixir of life, oh you are my morning buddy. Speed your caffiene zing to my poor gray matter.
4/24 - She is making me work and my elixir of life has gone cold. Oh the horror! But I guess that is what the microwave is for.
4/26 - Ah Elixir. Hot, smooth. Jazz for the caffiene deprived.
4/27 - Oh elixir of life warm me from within so that I may have the flash and fire to go out and weed later on. I need all the help that I can get.
4/28 - Oh elixir. Oh my early morning (and afternoon) friend. It is most pleasant to stroll along together. Let us run away together and always be up at 5am.


Sort of makes you want to be my Facebook friend doesn’t it.


  1. Oh my---too much elixir!! And I have never had a cup of coffee in my life BUT I love the smell. I can't stand the taste! So I just get up and go everyday and don't have a problem!

  2. I'm glad you mentioned that this elixir is NOT whiskey. What a different slant that would make. lol

  3. somehow though, decaf doesn't have the same effect for me (I don't do well with caffiene).

  4. I really WISH I liked coffee. There are so many awesome-sounding flavors out there these days, but even if there's the slightest hint of a coffee flavor, I make an Einstein "blech" face.

    Thank goodness for tea!

  5. as your FB friend i have enjoyed reading these. my mom and i have cracked up at quite a few.

    and are you saying that whiskey does count as the other elixir??

  6. @ Sheryl - well for some whiskey might be the other elixir of life....but not for me. Although I am not one to turn down a good glass of red wine or a bottle of Great Lakes Eliot Ness ale....but not a breakfast.


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