Monday, April 5, 2010

At Last, At Last, I Thought It Would Never Come

Do you know what today is?

Yes, I know that today is the day that Bette Davis was born. And yes, in 1614 Pocahontas married John Rolfe.

Think more recent. This sports. Think…..


Yes, this is the day that I long for starting the day after the end of the World Series. Life just isn’t the same if I can’t watch a baseball game.


I just thought that I would tell you that in case you hadn’t picked up the vibe already. You know, I am usually subtle about these things but……

Now remember, I live in Cleveland. And I root for the Cleveland Indians. And that isn’t always a happy place to be in the baseball world. Oh yes, we have had our good years. And I have been to a World Series game or two. But usually the seasons are, are……

are disappointing OK!

But that doesn’t stop my love. No nothing can stop my love. It grows as the years go by. It consumes me. It….

Sorry I got carried away there for a moment thinking about baseball….and baseball players….and HHBL in a baseball uniform…and…..

I am OK now. Taking deep breaths. Where was I?

I love the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd. I love scoring the game. I love hearing the Beer Guy calling. I love going to a game at Jacob’s Field. Yes I KNOW that it is now called Progressive Field but that is a stupid name. Really do you think we are going to call it the “P” for short. The baseball stadium sits right next to Quicken Loans Arena where the Cavs play. The “P” sits next to the “Q”…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Cough, cough. Like I said, I am going to call it Jacob’s Field.

Mind you I don’t actually want to PLAY baseball. Don’t be ridiculous. I am an abysmal baseball player. Throw the ball at me, expecting me to catch it and you are going to be sorely disappointed as I close my eyes, fling my hands heavenward in supplication and cringe.

I was born to WATCH baseball not PLAY baseball. That is why I have HHBL, so that I can watch HIM play baseball. Does it seem like I am using too may capital letters?

OK, so I have gotten my house clean. I have the last load of laundry in the dryer.

And I am going to sit down and watch the Indians play the Chicago White Sox.



  1. I'm not as passionate about baseball as you but it certainly is a rite of passage for summer!

  2. Agree (10000000)!!! I've been "groomed" for baseball since I was born (I think my dad wasn't willing to accept I wasn't a little boy!) Personally, I think today should be declared a national holiday and none of us should have to work so we can watch the game!


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