Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 66)

Here we are again, as we are every week. Looking back over the week at those little snippets that don’t get their own blog post. Remember to click on the picture to zoom over to Conversion Diary to read all the other posts. I command you to do it!
Do you ever wonder about friends that you had growing up that you have lost touch with? Ever feel like you have unfinished business with them? I do. There aren’t too many but there are a few, two in fact and I would love to know where they are and what they are doing. Kathy Strenski where are you? We share the same birthday. I spent many an hour swimming in your pool and just hanging around. Then I moved to the other side of town and we went to separate high schools and that was it. Where are you?
And then there is Carla Karolek. Do you ever have someone who isn’t, perhaps, a close friend but that perhaps should be? And that it is hard for you to be friends with that person because, frankly, they are perfect even at a young age? Well that was Carla. And I have a feeling that I wasn’t all that nice to her at times. Carla where are you?
When the wedding shower was done last Saturday we had excess helium balloons just hanging around my parents sunroom. What to do, what to do.
Well of course we set them free. They wanted to fly so we obliged them.
img_5794 img_5795 img_5798 img_5800                                                      Oh No! Stuck!
img_5805                                                        Wait for me!!!
We take our fun where we can find it.
We had a company staff dinner on Wednesday night and I am still wallowing in fullness. I am sorry, I didn’t take a single picture of what I ate but it was all really good.
We ate at RJ Bolands downtown Cleveland and it was excellent. If you are downtown you need to go, believe me. They were so wonderful and funny and helpful. And maybe I have that glowing impression of them because I had a really great glass of Magic Hat #9 beer. It was excellent. They brought out a whole raft of different appetizers. I would have polished off the fried calamari myself but I decided at the last minute that I probably should share with the others. It was hard but I made myself.
Then I had to order something for dinner so I had the Tomato Bruschetta hamburger and it was excellente! But my poor little intestinal system doesn’t usually have that much red meat all at one sitting so it was barking at me later. TMI?
And I am still full.
I haven’t talked at all recently about the ongoing knitting that is happening here at Chez Knit. I am, as usual, happily knitting on the latest socks, I call them Deb’s Sparkly Heels and Toes.
img_5572 I am loving them. But they have been put aside for the moment because I have taken on a project that must be completed before the wedding. After buying the MOBD I decided that I needed some kind of wrap to wear so that I don’t get cold. And of course, since I do knit on occasion I decided that I would make myself something.
A large lace wrap in less than 4 weeks? Sure!!! Of course I had to go out and get the yarn right then and there. And then I had to cast on right away (which was last Thursday). And then everything ground to a halt and I almost threw up my hands in misery and quit. I cast on….I frogged back…..I cast on……I frogged back.
I know I shouldn’t cast on a big project in the evening. I don’t get things right. And I didn’t. I realized the next morning that I was reading the pattern incorrectly. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong it has been smooth sailing.
img_5605 The Woodland Shawl is half way done and she is going to look just marvelous!
So we were sitting at the breakfast table at the parental unit’s house the day after the shower. We are chatting as we eat our sausage and fruit. And all of a sudden Mimi says, “Oh, look at that bird on the feeder!”
We all pause, forks half way to our mouths and look and this is what we see….
img_5791A A peregrine falcon sitting on the bird bath. He/She sat there long enough for both Papa and I to get our cameras and take a bazillion pictures. Well, I took a bazillion, he usually gets the pictures right the first time. I just hedge my bets. Sort of a belt and suspenders kind of thing.
I had sort of a “mojo takes a vacation” kind of day on Tuesday. The mojo was a no show in this household. I had a list of things a mile long that needed to be done. I accomplished some things first thing in the morning and then….I just packed it in for the day and sat on the couch and read and knit.
Sometimes you just have to do that for your mental health.
I have found, as I have become an adult (no really, I am an adult, when I want to be) that I have trouble just telling myself that it is OK to sit down and read for an afternoon. I love to read. I love it more than my luggage (to quote The Pioneer Woman). But there is always something else around here that needs my attention. And to give myself permission to just sit and read for an entire afternoon seems like such a luxury. But sometimes we just have to do it.
So I did.
And I felt better.

We travel back out the Illinois this weekend for my Grandmother Amsler’s memorial. We will all gather on Saturday morning, all 50+ of us, for some noshing at Mimi and Papa’s house. We will then go over to the cemetery for the interment of her ashes and a small service. Then a meal together at the church.
A celebration of a life well and truly lived. I will tell you all about it next week. And I might even have a picture or two to go with.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. That's some 'bird' in the birdbath!

    Looking forward to viewing the finished shawl, tres chic!

    Have a great weekend yourself and enjoy your family time full of memories on Saturday.


  2. Thank you for your comment over at my blog. :) I've been looking at the woodland shawl to knit, but I've never knit a shawl before. Any particular advice? I'm a little nervous now that you said you had a bit of trouble getting going on it!

  3. Hi Beyondhomemaking! I have to say that once I got going on the Woodland it is flying along. I had trouble at first because I wasn't reading the pattern correctly and that was because I was in a hurry to cast on. The only other thing I would say is be sure to put in a lifeline every once in a while. I wished that I had believe me! It would have saved me a major headache later.


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