Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Shower! (The Wedding Kind)

Last weekend found us out in Illinois, which is where TEO and TASiL attend school and are getting married. What is a wedding without a wedding shower right? And this one was great because I had nothing to do with the planning. I just had to show up.

My mother, Mimi, and TEO’s roomies did all the planning. That is the kind of party that I like. I just had to make some cookies…that saga will be for another post…and help with some of the last minute cooking and then do the whole mother of the bride thing.

img_5575AThe table was set. I love these dishes, I think Mimi has had them as long as I can remember. We have certainly used them for a lot of family parties that is for sure.

img_5581 Last minute cutting of bread for those little froufy sandwiches that are a part of wedding showers. Lots of crusts left. Mimi suggested that we could make a whole bunch of Egg in a Holes for breakfast.

I shot that thought right down I can tell you. Egg in a Hole is an invention of the devil sent to make sure that breakfast is made uneatable. I like eggs. I like toast. I don’t like them combined. Well, except in Egg Strada which has eggs and bread AND sausage in it. I will add that to the recipe list because I know you will like it.

img_5607  The tiny person on the right is my sis-in-law, The Chef (she earned that name by… as a chef). She is making one of my favorite things in the whole world. She is making these…

img_5648 Oh I love these things. They are called “salbutes” and I can only have them when The Chef makes them because it is a recipe that she cannot share. I know that she would if she could because she has given me a ton of other recipes like Jana’s Doo Dads. But this recipe is a secret and shall remain so.


img_5583 A special place for TEO was all set up. And yes, we made her wear that and the garter.

img_5591A Max was absolutely worn out by all his exertions with the party preparations. He needed a nap.




Much preparation and laughter went on. Shoe Queen took seriously her job of getting the punch all in order.

img_5640And much to the amazement of us all we finished right on time. The shower started at 1p, we were ready at 1p. Great timing.

img_5644ATEO in all her finery.

  img_5652 The flower girl and the ring bearer. Emmy is the cutest thing and Avery felt he needed his special helmet to deal with all the women and estrogen in the room. Avery is one smart boy.

img_5676 Help me, I am drowning in a sea of estrogen!

First we ate. I don’t have a pictures of that because…..

I was eating. And chatting. And eating.

Then it was on to the party games.


img_5683 img_5692
It had to do with toilet paper and making wedding dresses. I hate party games. I was conveniently occupied with taking pictures of said party games.

Oh darn.

img_5688A In a move worthy of the best negotiator, TEO decided that the flower girl won the contest.

Then it was on to gifts, gifts, gifts!



img_5745Ohhhhhhhh, an afghan under which I can snuggle with TASiL!

And then the lingerie began to appear. And there was a bunch of it.

TASiL, if you are reading this (I doubt it but just in case) don’t look at the next series of pictures.

I am not sure that young children should have been watching this! Their young eyes scared for life viewing all the little, and I do mean little, things that TEO received.

img_5754A OOOOOOOO…..awkward.

And then HHBL bailed and went into the other room, mumbling something about not being able to watch his daughter receive lingerie.

 img_5684 It might also have had something to do with the fact that the Cavs-Bulls game was on.

But mostly it was the whole “daughter – lingerie” thing.

img_5717A And then, to end the shower we all gathered around TEO to pray for her. This was just wonderful and moving.

And of course, I was standing on a chair waiting for just the right picture. I did wait until Amy’s prayer was done.

But I have to be honest and say that it was because…….

I was using the “big” camera and that thing has a shutter noise that just can’t be hidden. Even I know that it might not be too cool to be snapping pictures while someone is praying for the bride to be who just happens to be your daughter.

I am smart like that.

And then we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up all the food that was left over. That is one thing about when Mimi cooks. We ALWAYS make enough food to feed an army. The worst thing in the world would be to run out of food.

It hasn’t happened yet.

And it never will if she is cooking.


  1. You don't like egg in a nest OR party games??? WHO ARE YOU?? The afgan is gorgeous!

  2. This is one shower I actually enjoyed--vicariously, of course. I also loathe shower games (well, showers in general give me the heeby-jeebies, even if they're my own), but looking at pictures OF shower games is the best way to enjoy them. I was actually moved almost to tears by the prayer cluster--and this coming from a heathen, mind you. I wish TEO and TASil all the best!

  3. I've never had egg in a hole before but I do hate party games. I really do. I can't help it. I'm no fun to throw parties for :)

    Your daughters are beautiful.

  4. Makes me want to cry just thinking about my girls growing up and getting married. Hang in there!!!

  5. This post offered a range of emotions. The first being excitement, then tears because it's going to be awesome to see mawee her love, and then laughter because Dan was totally creeped out by the raunchy gift selections.

    Oh, and I love the picture of Aunt Jean's, aka Mimi, hands. I love her hands. Yeah, I know. Weird fetish.

  6. Looks like you had a lot more fun at your shower than I did at the one I just attended. TP was passed out for "wedding dresses" at ours too, but we ran out of time and didn't do it. Oh darn!

  7. I hate party games too, and crowds; I would have been watching the Cavs game too.

    The prayer for the bride..fantastic! and, and, geesh I'm glad you're smart like that! ; )

  8. Sounds like a great shower for TEO! We Germans don't have bridal showers, and looking at all the toilet paper and the party games I think there is a reason why... just kidding. I did love my baby shower...
    Not that I want to add to your pre-wedding stress, but what are you going to call TEO after the wedding? TMO? Just curious.


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