Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where have I gone…

Actually don’t panic, I haven’t gone anywhere at the moment. I know that is a surprise because I always seem to be going somewhere. I am just on a major cleaning out around here and that is all that I am doing today. I will be telling you ALL about it pretty soon. You know I tell you everything because, like, we’re friends right?



Knock, knock, knock….

Is anyone out there?

Does anyone care?

Pity, pity, pity.

Sniff. I’m OK now lest you are worrying.

Back to cleaning out my office and then on to the kitchen. How the heck did I get all this stuff.


  1. In case you find any while cleaning...
    I could use some,
    5mm Mechanical pencils,
    A supply of rubber bands,
    Small vase for the bthroom vanity,
    Pretty flower for said vase...
    Just in case you have extras you plan to throw away. LOL

    P.S. My word verifation is "readem"

  2. I was getting a little concerned but then I realized that Max would have called if there was anything wrong.


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