Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Oh Engaged One

Today is TEO’s 22nd birthday.

How can that be? How is it possible?

Why just yesterday she looked like this……
TopSleeping sweetly, not a care in the world. 

1988 pouty MegI am sorry but this is just one of my favorite pictures of her in her first year. She really was a sunny baby. With that little round head and no hair. 

1991 March bdays 2 That girl always loved and appreciated her chocolate ice cream. Her birthday cake, which we will eat on Saturday is a chocolate delight. Miami Beach Cake is a favorite around here. I will be taking pictures during the baking process because you guys so need this recipe.

1992 Meg 
TEO you have been a good sister through thick and thin. Through fights and throwing of shoes. Through the illicit reading of diaries and “the bad years”.
meg and beth 1991A 2000 girls IMG_0106A 104-0491_IMG The girls
You have been a true and loyal friend to LAMMA for all of these years. How wonderful to have a true group of friends.
1999 Speech meetA IMG_4194


You stick with your commitments and promises even if, sometimes, it is painful to do so.
POD 2-9-06
And now you are going to get married!!! How can that be when only yesterday it seems like you were digging holes in the back yard and sneaking frogs into your bedroom.
Meg Josh 

Have an absolutely wonderful birthday my Meggymeister Moomoo Little Petunia. I am as proud as I can be to be your mother and I love you more that Liverwurst sandwiches with mayo and sweet pickles.



  1. Happy Birthday Meg, you farty poop face! :D

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  3. Our 21 year old daughter is getting married in June. This post touches my mommy's heart!

  4. Aw that's nice :) Thanks mommy


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