Friday, March 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol 61)


Hello again faithful readers. Remember to click the picture. You won’t be sorry

I am sorry but this is just the funniest video I have seen in a while.

Have I mentioned that it is rather chaotic around here? And I have a piece of advice for everyone. DO NOT COLLECT EXTRANEOUS STUFF. If you do then this is what will happen.

IMG_5157You will have to fill part of your garage with stuff that needs to be donated. This is what the very nice people for Volunteers of America came to pick up. They took everything but the chair in the forefront. Just loaded it into the truck bless their hearts. But I had to do this because I have had a problem in the past with collecting.

Hi my name is Debbie and I suffer from BIMNIDS (But I Might Need It Someday syndrome).

Oh, and another thing with the VOA pick up. It was a sunny day and the guys were working hard. I didn’t have any cookies to offer because we are trying to avoid cookies at the moment. But I did offer water or something else to drink.

VOA loader: That is so nice of you to offer but we are fine. You are the first one to offer a drink recently.

Me, scratching head: You mean today?

VOA: No I mean in months!

Months!!! These guys were really working hard and people don’t think to offer at least some water. I was so sad.

I am selling some things on Craigslist. Can I tell you what a pain this is. Well, not all the time but sometimes an absolute pain. It irks me when people say they are going to come to look at a piece of furniture and don’t show up. That actually is something that happens with regularity when you sell things on Craigslist but it still ticks me off.

However, after having said that, I did have a wonderful conversation yesterday with a fellow and his brother who came to look at a hutch that I am selling. You just never know when you are going to meet the nicest people.

But to others on Craigslist. Please don’t lowball me when dickering on price. You send me a lowball bid on a piece of furniture and I am immediately going to say no. I am willing to dicker but not when you start out so low that it isn’t worth my time.

Man, sometimes I think I still have PMS. Hmmmmmm. Another blog post coming up?

Part of the problem with packing things up is the newspaper that I am using. Yes, it is a pain that newspaper gets all that black ink on your hands. And the newsprint dries out my hands something fierce. But that isn’t the bigger problem.

No the problem is that my packing pace is slowed down when I come across an article that I somehow missed reading the paper first time around. Then I have to stop, read it, think about it and then get my packing mojo back. The flow gets interrupted and that is not good.

But I have read some great articles, one of which is developing into a blog post. I just have to cogitate on it some more.

It is Scrapbooking Weekend for me!! The last scrapbooking that I am going to be doing for a while as all of the scrapbooking paraphernalia has been packed up so that, well, so that the part of the basement that was my scrapbooking lair doesn’t look like a scrapbooking lair anymore. Sad.

But for part of today and part of tomorrow I will be scrapping my heart out with a bunch of friends. It isn’t the best weekend to be doing this let me tell you. If I had known what life would be like now and how busy I would be I might have thought better of it. But then again maybe not. Even when you are at your busiest you still have to take time for yourself. At least I do. Or…..

I will go MAD, MAD I tell you!!!

I can actually see my front yard folks. I despaired of it. I was worried that I lived in Narnia where it is always winter. The thought did occur to me that the snow might never melt. And I do have to remind myself that I live in Northeast Ohio where we have been known to get substantial snows in March and April….but I am hoping not.

However, now that the snow has melted I can also see that there has been something tunneling under the grass. HHBL isn’t going to be too happy about that. A mole perhaps. I hope not because those things are so hard to get rid of. I suppose I could always take my fathers route and just dispatch the thing with a shovel.

But I don’t want to think about that now because it smells like Spring outside.


  1. I pack a lot with plastic bags--you know the ones you get from walmart--heinen's--etc. And nothing to slow you down. And they say there is no use for them.

  2. The funny thing is, since I have been using "reusable" shopping bags I didn't have a ton of those other kind of plastic bags...and I ran out! So for the time being I am just not using my reusable bags so I can gain a store of environment damaging but oh so useful plastic bags.

  3. I would love to tackle that cluttered room for you! Dealing with BIMNIDS myself has had me on a journey of de-cluttering and simplifying. As I wrote in my post today, I finally got to the last hold-out, my clothes.

    I enjoyed all your quick-takes today. We are a lot alike.

  4. The "But I Might Need It Someday Syndrome" is a dominant genetic trait, it seems.

  5. What is it about Craigslist that makes people think they can be flaky? Oh, and it never fails--MINUTES after I list something I get spammed.


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