Thursday, January 15, 2015

This Is Why I Am BEHIND the Camera

We all needed head shots at the office for the redesign of the website.

That meant that I took all the headshots…..

But my own. I tried to weasel of out having one taken….but all to no avail. The problem is that I couldn’t actually take my own head shot. So I had no control. And I had to explain to someone else what to do with Big Bertha.

Don’t touch any of the buttons except the ones that I show you!

Point it this way and put my head in this part of the view finder.

I hate the picture and I am not showing it to you and I hope it gets buried in the bowels of the website.

And of course I am betting that they won’t be willing to use THIS one…..

Silly head shot

But oh how I wish they would.


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