Friday, January 2, 2015

7 Quick Takes (of the all over the place variety)

You may have noticed that there is no “7 Quick Takes” picture to head this post. Jen over at Conversion Diary has passed on the Quick Takes torch to a new blogger who will be doing the weekly round-up. I am still going to be doing the usual Friday bits of blather but I am thinking to just call it something else and go on by myself. For now it is still 7 Quick Takes.

We will see.

Blather, the perfect way to ring in the New Year.

Today brings the official end of what has been, for me, a riotously busy holiday/work/travel season. If you count the week of Thanksgiving as part of the whirl wind then I worked, we traveled out of town for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, I gave a big party and went to SIX other parties of one sort or another, I coordinated at two weddings both of which happened this week and I tried to maintain my sanity.

I am ready to get back to normal pace, whatever that is.

I didn’t actually intend to coordinate weddings falling on New Year’s Eve and January 2nd. I only intended to be a part of the wedding that is happening this afternoon. But somehow I ended up signed up for both weddings, which is fine. I love working with Marj and I love coordinating weddings.

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I am trying to get this blog post in before I go over to church and run up and down the halls for three hours. But the joy of weddings is just too much to resist. Take a look at the last picture. The mother of the bride is in the back photobombing my photo. She was so excited to be able to take off the killer shoes she was wearing.

After the wedding coordination gig on NYE HHBL and I went out for our usual end of the year dinner stuffyourselfapalooza with LaurenLeap and The Tech Guy. We have been doing this very thing for going on ten years now I think and for the last four or five of those years we have been going to Magiannos.

I can feel my arteries hardening and my waist expanding just thinking about it. We always order the same things. The deep fried zucchini appetizer and then the Marco’s Pasta dinner for two which provides with about eight meals when you look at all the pasta that we end up taking home.

New Year’s Eve just wouldn’t be the same without it. Usually we end up going back to LL and TTG’s house after we stuff ourselves so that we can fill in the cracks with other things. But after running for 4 hours at the previously mentioned wedding I just didn’t have it in me. I made it up to watch the ball drop on Times Square…..but just barely.

And just as an aside, being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve would be the WORST kind of nightmare for me. I can feel myself hyperventilating just thinking about it.

2015 is already shaping up to be the year that we make a bunch of trips here and there. We already have plans to be in Arizona twice. The every other year trip to see Dapoo and Linda is scheduled for this year. A week of relaxation with some yarn therapy thrown in. How can I resist. And then we are back in Arizona, Sedona this time, for the wedding of our niece to a fabulous guy. A two day party awaits.

I think I might have mentioned that for the last 18 months, since HHBL and I moved into Chez Knit, we have struggled with sleep issues. At OCK our bedroom was supremely dark at night. There was very little ambient light that invaded from anywhere and so we slept fairly well.

When we moved to Chez Knit…..we were introduced rather rudely to the million candle watt street lamp that is positioned a mere 50 feet from our bedroom window. I am fairly certain that these street lamps can be see from space without any problems whatsoever. We venetian blind on the window that blocks some of the light but not nearly enough. So three weeks ago, in a bid of desperation, I took a Mexican blanket that came from somewhere and I nailed it up over the window.

Nailed it on all sides. I feel like I live in a frat house.

But darn it if it didn’t really help. So, I will be making nice thick curtains in the near future so that we can get some rest.

I managed to get my basement workspace somewhat cleaned up yesterday. But there is still more work to do.

And so many ideas whirling around in my head!

Here are a boat load of Instagram…because I can.
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