Friday, January 16, 2015

Bitty Bits of Blather (Vol 2)

Still no picture, but then it has just been that kind of a week. Check out #3 to see why.

Blather to set your teeth on edge!

We have had Amazon Prime for a bit over a year now and I don’t think I can go back. Especially considering I have discovered Amazon Prime music.

How did I miss that I can stream tons of different music from Amazon? I know, I am sometimes a dim and flickering bulb that winks out at unexpected moments…usually around 9pm. If I have to pay Amazon for the privilege of Prime then I am going to use it for all it is worth. The only thing that I don’t take advantage of is books. I read a lot but it is divided between digital and “real” books. I cannot see paying Amazon $9.99 a month for that pleasure when my library has so many for free.

But I am trying to gorge on the free music. I don’t have to own all the music to enjoy all the music.

I go to the library just to return a book….and I walk out with three books from the library sale. I am hopeless. But they were books that I really needed!! Believe me, there were tons of books at the sale and I looked at a lot of them but I only bought three.

I have to rant just a bit for just a minute…or two. Again, I really dislike those individuals who come to the book sale with their little phone IBSN # scanner and rip through scanning all the books and taking out A LOT of books that you know they are going to turn right around and sell to someone else. It just chaps my big bahookie. I got stuck in the check out line behind a woman who was buying 200+ books. And she had also left a gigantic pile of books in a corner that she evidently decided that she wasn’t going to take. Those books then had to be re-sorted by the hard working library volunteers and re-shelved. Grrrrrrrrrr.

OK, I think I am done, at least until the next library book sale.

See, I really needed this book!
2015-01-16 13.03.01

And it was only $3. There are never too many knitting books.

We had a rather nasty scare with Max the Magnificent this week and received some not so good news from Dr. Jeff. First the scare.

Max sleeps in the laundry room on a memory foam dog bed. I don’t even have a memory foam mattress, but I guess that is beside the point. Early Monday morning HHBL went into the laundry room to get his running shoes. Max was fine. I go into the laundry room 10 minutes later and Max is NOT so fine. He has his head leaning up against the laundry room wall, he has been sick on the floor and it is obvious that he is disoriented. He wanders out of the room, through the kitchen and finally ends up in the living room, swaying and not really all there. Now I am scared. We decided that I would work from home on Monday to monitor the pooch and possibly take him to the vet. By mid-morning it was obvious that he needed to be seen. He was walking all hunched over like his belly hurt and he sure didn’t want you to touch that area. And he had turned up his nose at breakfast.

He had never, in all of his life, turned up his nose at breakfast or lunch or clandestine turkey stealage if he can manage it. I knew he was sick.

So off to see Dr. Jeff we go. It is a measure of how really bad Max felt that when we were in the vet waiting area with a boat load of other dogs…Max couldn’t have cared less. He laid down and didn’t look at anyone.

I was scared shitless. (Sorry, I said that word. It was necessary).

Finally we were in to see Dr. Jeff (whom we love almost as much as Dr. Jeremy) and after just a bit of feeling around in the belly area he looked at me and said, “I can feel something in there, around the liver area. I think we need to do an x-ray.” Can I tell you how long that wait felt as I am sitting in the front. And yes, when the x-ray came back it is obvious that Max has a fair sized mass in the area of the liver and spleen. And there was also a bit of bleeding into his belly, but not that much.

My heart dropped right down into my boots.

Dr. Jeff echoed what we already knew, that there wasn’t much we can do about this. Nor would we even if that was an option. Max is 13.5 years old and getting close to the end. But what Dr. J did suggest is that they give him a nice big shot of cortisone to see if that helped a bit. It is not curative but only palliative. And by gum it worked…pretty well. Max isn’t as energetic as he was before Monday but he is back to 75% and that gives us a bit more time with him.

Monday was a fairly sucky day.

2015-01-11 12.30.14

This is me being an Honorary Cheese Head. GO PACK!

It doesn’t take much does it.

Oh yes, and in case you hadn’t noticed.


Just in case you missed it on Monday.

2015-01-14 16.44.31

The first finished object of 2015. Rainbow Waffle socks of Awesomeness. And this evening I am casting on socks with this yarn, the first of my “Mystery Sock bags of 2015”

2015-01-16 14.16.47

I think I am just going to do a vanilla sock with a garter stitch short row heel…..but that might change.

Rule the sock world!

I started a batch of red wine vinegar back in July…..and then forgot about it. It has been sitting in my basement since then. LOADS of evaporation and it has a very interesting vinegary yet sweet smell. I have no idea if it is still good but we will see.

2015-01-16 14.21.36

Instagram. Because the internet is big enough for all the pictures
2015-01-10 08.19.48-12015-01-11 11.27.47-12015-01-11 11.35.04-12015-01-11 12.30.14-12015-01-11 13.19.26-12015-01-12 21.59.03-22015-01-13 20.59.05-12015-01-14 07.42.54-22015-01-14 07.54.10-12015-01-14 07.55.25-12015-01-14 08.01.50-12015-01-14 12.46.00-12015-01-14 16.44.04-12015-01-14 16.44.31-12015-01-15 08.05.382015-01-15 10.39.21-12015-01-16 13.03.01-12015-01-16 14.21.36


  1. So you are not using the cheese head pic for the office?

  2. Very appropriately named Rainbow Waffle Socks of Awesomeness!

  3. Glad to hear the medication helped Max a little-


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