Friday, October 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes: Where I Wander Around in Confusion.


Here we are, another week older. And the air is getting colder. But the blather is much bolder. So onward we will press.

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May the Blather be with you.

Well, we have made the decision that for the moment Max the Magnificent will no longer be going to the office with me. He is just too darn distracting, especially in light of the fact that last week I spent a good bit of time on Friday cleaning up in just about everyone’s cubicle as he went from space to space pulling things out of the garbage and having a general field day.

We had “Grill Monday” last week which means that there are used paper plates in various garbage cans under people’s desks. Plus we had a Board of Director’s meeting which meant there was more goodie wrappers in the conference room garbage.

And then there was the kitchen, the place where all really good garbage resides. I am sure that Max thought he had scored the garbage motherload there.

I would be deep into work and realize that the dog wasn’t lying down by me as he is SUPPOSED to do. No, he would have quietly gotten up and wandered off in search of buried garbage treasure.

So no more going to the office.

2013-11-14 19.33.40

Did someone mention garbage?

Today is obviously Halloween. I have candy all ready, now we will see if we actually have any trick or treaters. Last year there were….





Now, last year the weather was what can only be termed abominable. The rain fell in sheets well into the evening and the only people who actually braved that weather were my 60+ year old neighbors from the social committee who walked our little neighborhood and delivered cupcakes to every house.

They came out in the rain but we had narry a trick or treater ring the doorbell. HHBL and I have a difference of opinion on whether there will be any people ringing our doorbell this evening. I think not and he things yes. His reasoning is that because we live in what might be termed a neighborhood with an…older demographic….kids (and presumably their parents) will think this would be a good place to ring doorbells. I think the opposite for exactly the same reason.

We will see.

Tomorrow starts NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month.

I have signed up.

This may be a stretch this year so I will spend a bit of time tomorrow actually sketching out a schedule, which I will most likely totally blow up within 7 days.

We all have to have a goal.

I go to the library for one book….

I come out with 5 books.

I have absolutely no control over myself when confronted with shelves and shelves full of books.

And very little time to actually read at the moment. You will find me with a book in front of my face while I am eating breakfast or lunch, while I am knitting. If I could read and shower at the same time I would be doing that as well.

The love of reading, a blessing and a curse all at the same time.

Can anyone tell me why I spent so much money on scrapbooking materials? Materials that now sit in my basement in the closet.

Oh I know why, really. It was what I did back in the day, which really wasn’t all that long ago. And I keep telling myself that I will finish the projects that I have going and then I will just switch to digital scrap books and be done with it.

And I will.

When I find an extra 12 hours in the day in which to devote to it.


Oh goody, the weather person is telling us that there will be a mixture of rain and snow tomorrow.

Are you able to catch the HEAVY amount of sarcasm in that last statement.

And look at this fabulous little graphic……


That does not make me happy. Not happy at all.

2014-03-12 15.25.50

Only the Bumble is happy about this state of affairs.

Instagram. Because I can, that’s why.

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