Saturday, November 1, 2014


I am always curious what other people do on a Saturday. Do you sleep in? Do you laze around in your pajama pants and eat bonbons all day? Do you go into work? Do you work from home?  Do you fire up the TV and watch all the college football games? Do you read a book? What does Saturday look like for you?

For me, it is tackling the never too done to do list. Not everything on the list, mind you, but only those things which make my life run in a more smooth trajectory and therefore bring me happiness.

And we would want me to be happy.

What is it about checking off something on my to do list that makes me so strangely happy. So contented in an over organizing, beat it into submission sort of way. Perhaps we shouldn’t delve too deeply there. Remember, I am the person who organizes closets when she is upset or nervous.

Don’t judge. It’s the way I roll.

HHBL and I have a philosophy of sorts. We save for the weekend those things that we like most to do, even if they are work related. For me that means getting myself organized after the usual busy week. Going through the piles of things that have accumulated. Doing the laundry. All those little things. Even though I work just three days a week at The Office (somehow those letters just have to be capitalized) and therefore technically have two days off during the week, those two days are filled up with all the things that I used to do 5 days a week. I sneak in work as a wedding coordinator. I work as a photographer. I babysit for my 2.5 year old boyfriend. For 29 years and 1 month I always went shopping on Monday morning. Always, except for when we were traveling. I loved it because no one else was clogging up the aisles and getting in my way. The store was MINE all MINE! Now I work on Mondays so the grocery store has to get along without me. I tried grocery shopping on Saturday morning. It was a frightening experience. There were people in the aisles. Many people. It was annoying. So now I go on Friday morning and am much happier. It is the little things.

Did I digress without meaning to? Do I ever mean to digress? Am I overthinking this?

So today, on the first day of NaBloPoMo 2014 you will find me with my big fat bahookie seated at my desk checking off all the things on my to do list.

Ornament Exchange invites printed and ready to mail? Check!

Laundry almost done, folded and put away? Check!

Jana’s Crack Pretzels all done and ready for tonight? Nomnomnomnomnom

NaBloPoMo schedule sketched out?…..ummmmmmm sort of.

Myriad other things crossed off the list? You betcha!

And now I can toodle off to church pretty soon and then to a fun evening with a boat load of friends where I will eat myself sick and yell at the TV maybe (the OSU-Illini game will definitely be on the boobtube).

I said “boob”. I can hear ALL of you twittering like Jr Hi boys. You KNOW you are.

I guess I had better change out of my pajama pants first. May be I should shower too.


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