Monday, November 10, 2014

She Thinks We Hung the Moon

Can I just say, right off the bat, that when a soon to be bride looks at you and your Wedding Coordinator partner and says, with tears in her eyes, “I just don’t know what I would be doing without you.”……well it just makes my day.

Because I am crazy and because I love my coordinator partner Marj, I signed up to be one of the coordinators for two weddings at the end of December. Well, one is New Years Eve and one is January 2, 2015 but they are almost back to back so I think that counts. We met with both brides today, one this morning and one this evening. Marj and I have been doing weddings for a while now, Marj MUCH longer than I, and we are confident in what needs to happen and the flow of things. As we say to all the brides that we meet with, “Starting the minute you walk in the door on the day of your wedding, we are your “worry women”. We take care of all that needs to be taken care of so that you can just be the bride. Nothing surprises us (generally) and we do not panic.”

Tonight was the first time that I think a bride looked at us after that and burst into tears of happiness at the thought that there was someone who was there to go to bat for her and help her along the way.

Not all brides react that way, mind you. I had two brides earlier in the year who were just about the most organized and determined women that you would ever want to meet. They knew what they wanted to happen and when and how and there was no going back. I love that kind of bride because it makes life easier in a way. We coordinators just follow the preset plan, with a nudge and suggestion here and there and hopefully everything goes according to plan.

There is the occasional bee stung bride who is allergic to bee stings and you run around until you find benadryl. But that doesn’t happen TOO often….you hope.

And then there are the brides who look at you like you hung the moon and that she wouldn’t be able to get through this process without you.

And that is why Marj and I do this.

Oh fine, and because we love working together.

Dang, I love me job.


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