Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Football Faces of Max the Magnificent

We have a 75 pound dog that is a complete and utter woosiepants when it comes to sports.

Complete and utter.

The minute that you turn on the TV and dial up a sporting event like football…or basketball….or baseball…or soccer, he goes into his “Oh man it’s sports and I am so scared because there might be yelling” mode. That mode means that he must be physically by you for the entire time, even if you are not actually IN the room where the sporting event is going on. That entails slinking into the room and laying right at our feet or better yet in between our feet in the “bend” of the u-shaped couch. He in not content with just being with us, secure in the safety that we provide. He then has to stare at us and even better….breath on us….with breath that is reminiscent of three week old fish mixed with whatever foul thing that you can think of. We call it his nervous sports breath. It is gag worthy.

And when there is yelling at the TV, HHBL and I are both boisterous fans when rooting for our particular teams (Go Ohio State, Sic’em Bears), then he stands up and looks extra hard at us, then lays down, then stands up. And if you get up off the couch to do something quickly it is not uncommon to turn around and trip over Mr. Woosiepants because he has also gotten up and is standing directly behind you. If he could climb into your sweater and cower in shivering fear I am sure that he would do so.

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Mr. Woosie Sissie McQuiverpants


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