Friday, October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Where I All Over the Place)


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Blather that overcomes all obstacles.

Well, I thought I would give you the latest cable update. I know that you are all on the edge of your seats waiting impatiently.

As of Monday sometime (I was at work so can't give the exact moment) we are no longer the possessors of cable TV. That also means that we have no land line for phones but we didn't really care about that. I didn't even remember what that number was as I never gave it out. If the house phone rang then I always knew it was a telemarketer and I didn't answer it.

HHBL and I have actually made the decision to do without any form of cable/dish for the time being and are exploring "other options". There are so many things to watch between Netflix and Amazon Prime and our own large DVD collection that we don't feel a lack. We will just reconnect the digital antennae to the TV so that we can get the local channels and be done with it.

We may purchase and something related to the NBA so that we can partake in CAVS games and baseball but the cost of those for a year is far cheaper than cable.

For the moment we are stickin' it to the cable man!

I completely forgot that there was a lunar eclipse this week, that is until I was walking Max the Magnificent in the early morning and realized that the moon looked all funny and red and that is when it hit me.

It is at these times that the dog always wants to take his own sweet time finding just the right spot to drop the morning load. And there is no way that you can speed up this process if you want to run inside and get your camera and tripod and remote cable and take a photo.

Sniff....walk...sniff...walk...sniff....hunker....NOPE not the right spot....sniff...walk...sniff...


He managed a paltry deposit after all of that and I then was able to run inside and get my equipment and run back out and try to take a picture.....

Which wasn't all that successful. I haven't even had a chance to look at them so you will notice that there isn't a photo attached to this rambling "take". I can say that because I was in a hurry I somehow flipped my shutter cable to "hold" and didn't realize and couldn't figure out why the shutter wouldn't snap back and ended up with some sort of blurry double exposure.

Sort of a Double Moons of Tatooine only blurry.

When I have a chance I will see what I did but I wouldn't hold my breath that you will ever see it.

However, I am not above self humiliation so you may see it.

This week was the neighborhood annual meeting.

You cannot believe how a room full of older adults can make a mountain out of when the association is going to clean the gutters....and how often they are going to ask that same question even though it has already been answered.

The thing I will say is that the annual meeting lasted a total of 45 minutes, despite the overly long discussion about gutters and landscaping and then multitude of people who wanted to weigh in on whether HHBL and I should go with DirectTV.

Ah my neighborhood how I love you.

I am about to do another major blog purge.

If you haven't updated your blog in over 100 days my guess is that you are going bye bye.

If you blog 10 times a day then the same applies. I just am overloaded.

I hate to do it but something has to give and I don't want it to be my sanity.

I might have bought yarn this week.

It was a stressful week(s).

I might have joined this......
But they are doing a monthly indie dyed yarn based on different areas of Cleveland........and we know how much I love Cleveland!!!

And I want to support indie dyers and my LYS.

I can justify anything if it involves yarn.

I found a scarf on the sidewalk on Tuesday. It is a lovely, airy thing and it was forlornly laying there as I walked by on my way to Towards Employment for the last bit of photo shooting.

Oh the angst and uncertainty as I gazed down at the scarf that had obviously been dropped not that long ago. It was a bit windy and I didn't want it to blow into the street on 13th. And the rain was blowing in and I didn't want it to get wet. I stood there for a time just contemplating it and looking around to see if someone would come rushing down the street to claim it.

And in the end it came home with me.

We are going to be very happy together. But if you were in Cleveland on Tuesday and you lost a large, filmy gray scarf from H&M let me know.

No Instagram line up this week as we are actually out visiting Parental Unit Mimi and seeing our kids and family and going to a family wedding.

That just means that next week there will be extra photos.

Try to contain your enthusiasm.


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