Saturday, October 4, 2014

Adieu to You, Again, Time Warner (kinda)

As of Monday, Time Warner will no longer be supplying us with monstrous numbers of cable channels that we neither want or need or watch. We will be keeping them for our internet but cable will be no more.

It isn’t as hard a decision as you might think. They just charge too darn much for their charms. And if it weren’t for the sports factor at Chez Knit, the whole I cannot live without baseball thing for me and the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers are going to be good (thank you LeBron) this year, we might not even think about getting cable of any kind.

Honestly, most of my “tv watching” is actually Netflix and Amazon Prime. I hate commercials with a fierce and gusty hatred. I like to have control over what I am watching and not feel the need to flip between two or even three different programs just to be able to avoid watching commercials.

If I am not careful I will get “Commercial avoidance thumb”.

Did I digress?

At any rate, come Monday Time Warner is going to turn the cable off. You cannot imagine how difficult it was for HHBL to get them to do that. They just keep talking and talking and trying to sell you something and ask why you don’t want to date any longer. An HOUR it was before she finally gave up. Thank goodness for speaker phones and the ability to multitask. I am betting that most of the time people just give up and say…

“FINE! Keep gouging me! Just stop talking!”

Thankfully HHBL is a man of steel and determination.

It isn’t that we aren’t going to have cable of some kind. It is most likely we are going to give Dish Network or DirectTV a try. We can have a dish here at Chez Knit just so long as “it isn’t visible from the street”.

Goodbye Time Warner.

I cannot say that I will miss you all that much. If you had just let us pick our own channels we might not have to break up. Your cable charms just aren’t worth that much when there are so many media watching options out there.


  1. Our cable television providers in Canada are much the same. When they finally learn they are in a service industry and provide the option of choosing the channels we wish to watch I'm sure they'll lose fewer customers.

    I'm one of the hold outs - I'll stay with my cable company since I'm technically a klutz I can't figure out how to get Netflix or use a dish. :p

  2. we have Dishnet and I hate it----would gladly take back my cable but DH has the dishnet preference. so much down time. much more than with cable. just an FYI.

  3. we have directv and love it. really love it. but it's not cheaper after your two-year introductory stuff runs out. just so you know. we also quit cable because the cost kept creeping up and creeping up. but now we are paying more than THAT for directv. I need to call them and see if anything can be done.


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