Saturday, October 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes–Where I Talk About All the Things


Yes, I know it is Saturday not Friday. I actually wrote the post on Friday….but then I got distracted,


And I forgot to actually hit “publish”. Sigh.

Blather that might just save your life someday.

Well Saturday I did something that I swore up and down and sideways that I would never do.

No, I did not eat liver. What are you, CRAZY!!!

See, it is really all Cindie’s fault. We went to the fiber festival on Saturday and we had a fabulous time and we laughed and we had coffee along the way and we stopped for breakfast at McDonalds (burp!) and we walked all around and we might have purchased fiber in various forms.

We made it ALL the way around the fiber circuit and we were just about through the first time around….and there was the woman spinning. Not spinning like Linda Blair in The Exorcist spinning. No, she was spinning fiber into yarn with her spinning wheel. There were a bunch of women doing that in various parts of the hall.

And I felt the pull. I tried to resist, really I did. But the spinning just drew me in even though I cried out, “NO! I swore I would never spin! I don’t need another hobby!”

2014-10-18 10.31.05

The wheel went round and round and round and round and I finally gave in.

No, I didn’t buy an actual spinning wheel…yet. But I did buy a drop spindle and some fiber to spin. A drop spindle is a spinning wheels ugly West Virginia cousin. But I have to learn to tolerate the cousin before I can spend time with the beautiful people.

And believe me when I tell you that it might be a LONG time because the stuff that I am producing with that spindle is BUTT UGLY.

But it is all mine.

Do you ever have those days where you wake up on the wrong side of sanity and happiness for no apparent reason other than in is morning?

Yes, today was one of those days. Poor HHBL.

HHBL – How was your night’s sleep?

Me – Ummphhhhhh. Grrrrrr. I’m crabby.

HHBL – Ummmmmmm, I’m sorry?

Me – Grrrrrrrrrrrr

So I managed to get through most of the morning without biting anyone’s head off. Of course today is my day off so no one in the office was in any danger…..but I did think really murderous thoughts about some people on the road who do not know what a turn signal is for.

After thinking about it for a time I realized that I just hadn’t done anything creative for a few days, something that stretched my little gray cells.

So that is what I did for the rest of the afternoon, all while watching a documentary on Jackie Stewart’s 1971 Monaco Grand Prix win.

Don’t judge, it’s how I role.

Now I feel much better.

HHBL and I are deep into our Fall excitement of not having to spend hours and hours and hours cleaning up leaves.

We go and do things on Saturday and Sunday that don’t have anything to do with leaf blowers and rakes and blisters.

We are happy people.

Multiple years ago, when we fist put OCK on the market, the stager (yuck, patooie!) stood on the threshold of my bathroom and said, “Oh my goodness, you are going to have to put away that thing you are using to hold your jewelry!”

I am not a huge jewelry owner but I do like the things that I own. I have multiple ear piercings and I like my earrings. Most of my necklaces were purchased on a trip or have sentimental meaning for me. I was sad. And let us not revisit how I actually feel about the whole staging of a home process. That is a digression that will never get us back on track. So, I took such jewelry as I have and I put all the necklaces and bracelets and earrings into little compartmentalized plastic boxes and stored them under my sink, thinking that I would still indulge in my daily bracelet fetish and what earrings should I wear today and is a necklace appropriate with this tee shirt.

But I didn’t. It quickly became apparent that as far as jewelry is concerned “out of sight is out of mind”. It started out as just a day or two without changing out my earrings or just putting in all my gold hoops. And then it was not wearing earrings at all or putting on a necklace because I couldn’t be bothered with dragging out all the boxes from underneath the sink.

And finally I was in the black hole of never wearing any earrings at all. This continued through the 3+ years it took before OCK finally sold and it continued through the first year here at Chez Knit. But no more!

2014-10-21 14.35.42
Tuesday was one of my days off and I WAS going to just stay home. But I went to get something out from under my sink and I saw my plastic boxes full of my jewelry and I was overwhelmed with the desire to find something to put them in.

Ta Da! Thank you Hobby Lobby for having these AND for having them 50% off on the day I was there.

Doing my happy dance. I think I will go and put on a necklace.

I might have mentioned before my obsession with love of knitting socks. It fills a deep and unexplainable need in me to clad my tootsies in lovely wool. They are happy with me in the winter time.

Crazy as it may seem there is a problem with an overwhelming urge a love of knitting socks…….

You end up with a lot of pairs of socks. That might not seem to be a problem for YOU but it was becoming an issue for me. An issue because as of last Saturday I had 50+ pair of socks.

Sock over achiever? I know not of what you speak. Moving on.

You know it is time to cull the fibery sock herd when there are socks that you consistently pass over in the daily selection. But what to do? I love my socks. I value them for the time they took to produce and for the joy that they have given me. I don’t want them to live with someone who might not understand them. But a cull needed to happen. So I pulled out around 10 pair of socks that I KNEW I would never wear again, took a picture of them….and threw it up on Instagram and Facebook.


All taken in the space of 30 minutes. I can sleep at night knowing that they have gone to a good home.

It is time for the quarterly readjustment of iTunes playlists.

You do this right?


FINE! I do this. I have a “Favorites” playlist that gets a great deal of rotation and it was time to clear it out and repopulate with other songs. Call me a nerd, you wouldn’t be the first.

All of you check your “plays” number in iTunes right? It bothers you if a song doesn’t have at least a 1 beside it right?



And lastly but not leastly, Instagram. For all your senseless photographic needs.
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  1. OK, guess I'm going to have to follow you on Instagram (If I ever figure it out) or on Facebook!! Beautiful socks!!!


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