Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Evidently I Live on Tatooine

I have, on occasion, been accused of not being patient when I do something.

I KNOW! I too am shocked at this casting of aspersions upon my ability to control myself. But…..

On occasion……

It might have some validity.

There might be some veracity to the accusation.

If the internet is too slow in loading the page, I grumble.

If the person driving in front of me is going too slow….and occasionally the posted speed limit is too slow for my taste….I complain and pass on the left…..or the right.

And the other morning, when I realized that there was a perfect view of the lunar eclipse that I had completely forgotten about, I might have been a bit on the more impatient side when trying to capture those last moments before the eclipse was total.

I first realized that the moon was being eclipsed when I exited the garage to take Max the Magnificent on his morning constitutional. Believe me when I tell you that you can lead a dog to grass but you can’t make him poop any faster than he wants to. FINALLY Max was finished with “his business”, after much clucking and hurrying noises from me, and I hustled him back into Chez Knit and grabbed my camera, my tripod and my cable remote and zipped back outside.

Big red moon that is almost in total eclipse? Check!

Not a cloud in sight? Check!

Camera and tripod and remote all set up? Check!

All the settings are what I want them to be? Check!

I click the remote…..the shutter clicks open……and doesn’t click shut when I think it should.

I wait…and wait…..and wait for that tell tale “click” that means the shutter has snapped back in place but it never comes.


Now at this point the better thing to do would have been to slow down and “work the problem, people”, to quote Gene Krantz. But instead I just assumed that it was the not often but very rare camera error and I just flipped the switch and shut it down. Then I turned it back on and the shutter opened up again and continued on.

What the HECK???

There was a moment of intense panic because you know how attached I am to Big Bertha and she is a part of my livelihood. And then I looked down at the remote cable shutter release…..and I realized that I had somehow, in my exuberance at trying to take the picture, switched the darn thing to “hold” which means that it just tells the shutter to stay open until you click the button to “not hold” and tell the shutter to close.

Insert Dope Slap Here.

And what was the picture that I ended up with?

Inadvertant Tatooine

Evidently I live on Tatooine.

Sort of cool in a fuzzy art house way. But still not what I was going for.

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