Friday, October 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes: About a dog, a blog and why I went missing from here.


Did you catch the change I made above? I have, for the last 278 QT posts, been numbering them. I am tired of that. It’s all about the change, baby!

You know what you need to do. When you are done here you need to click on the link above to be whisked, faster than ebola (which isn’t a funny thing AT ALL), over to Conversion Diary to see what’s been happening.

Blather that is all consuming.

Oh I have to say that I had SUCH a good time coordinating the wedding of Brittany and Adam last Friday. She was the sweetest bride, soft on the outside with a rod of steel for a spine. She instantly steps into the role of new bride AND step mom to three daughters so she is going to need it.

2014-09-26 16.35.442014-09-26 16.35.522014-09-26 16.36.422014-09-26 16.37.352014-09-26 16.39.11

As you can see by that last picture, the flower girls were very intent on placing the flower petals in just the right place. I have never seen two girls more intent on their jobs.

I had a blast working with Marj. So much fun in fact that we are coordinating two more weddings together at the New Year, one on New Years Eve and one on January 2, 2015.

I love my job. Or should I say jobs as wedding coordination is only one of the jobs.

Max the Magnificent had his annual trip to see Dr. Jeremy this week.

2014-09-21 15.22.54

Oh the trauma!

Actually Max does very well at the vet. He is completely compliant and just stands there and shivers with terror and anxiety as Dr. Jeremy pokes and prods and takes blood and sticks thermometers into an orifice. And then when they lower the table and Max staggers off he knows that he just has to look at Dr. Jeremy to insure a doggy mind meld that will solicit not one but TWO treats.

For a dog who is 13 years old Max is in fairly good shape, although we do not take him on long walks anymore. Creaky in the joints and with a few other concerns but nothing urgent. The mass on his chest continues to grow but it isn’t bothering him when he lays down and as Dr. Jeremy says, “We aren’t going to put him through anything rigorous treatment wise so let’s just leave it.” Dr. Jeremy knows me well. Max also has a benign but gosh ugly cyst on the back of his head. Also not a concern according to Dr. J. “Oh that is just a fluid filled cyst. It will probably pop open at some point and it might ooze out stuff but it isn’t anything we need to worry about.”

Easy for you to say.

Max’s liver function tests weren’t good (putting it mildly) and so we are going to cut down on his Prednisone to see if that helps and also add some glucosamine chondroitin to his diet for his arthritis.

Other than that he is good to go.

Today is the first day in about six weeks where I have had a week day that doesn’t involve having to leave the house. When I realized that was going to be the case I was almost paralyzed with the thought.

An ENTIRE DAY at home.

I love full days at home. Lovelovelovelovelove them. I miss them. I used to have many of them and I didn’t realized until after my schedule exploded how much I enjoyed the slower rhythm of the day.

So today I am trying to work my way through all the little things that have fallen by the wayside in the past couple of months.

It was a choice between “The List” and sitting in front of Netflix for an entire day. It was a close won battle.

The list won…..

For now.

2014-09-25 08.10.30

This is why I love my drive to the office. HHBL and I live right by the Cuyahoga Valley National Forest. We can walk there if we so chose. And every day that I go to the office I drive through it.

A perfect way to start my morning, especially when the mist is there. It calms my mind and makes me happy. The same can be said for the drive home as I retrace my steps.

I love my commute.

And it would be even MORE special if I could just manage to hit one of those big black birds that taunt me as I drive.


I might have mentioned before that HHBL and I are Pre-Marital mentors through our church. We are passionate about it because we had non-existent such poor pre-marital mentoring before we tied the knot 29.5 years ago. Solid pre-marital mentoring might have saved us from some of those first 10 years of not so blissful weddedness.

What is crazy/interesting about our new couple, Michael and Shelley, is that we have known the groom since he was knee high to a grasshopper. It is really a strangely outside the box experience to have them sitting on our couch.

It is also different because Michael’s parents are old and dear friends of ours, part of our Flocks group for almost 20 years. We have walked through a lot together.

But what is discussed in our living room stays in our living room.

Oh my poor blog how I have neglected you so. I really do have a boat load of blog posts swirling around in my head. But I have to change my blogging habits in order for the thoughts to ever be committed to internetz paper. I am just too tired to blog when I get home from work and I don’t have time to do it in the morning before I go to work.

I have to change things.

I hate change.

But I love blogging so I will have to.

Wish me luck.

Unless you aren’t really ever missing me and then I could probably just go away….but I would miss you.

Instagram. Because who doesn’t love to throw crazy photos out onto the internet and have people like them.

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  1. You ALWAYS need to qualify anything here that mentions that you'll be talking about Max with the fact that the news is good. I'm too aware of the fact that he's 13 and even though I've never met him personally, I'm extremely fond of him. Don't scare me.

  2. You don't know me from Adam but I adore your blog and I'm so very happy when I see a new post! You are warm and inviting and just so WHOLESOME with a dash of spice. I just wish your hubby had a way to post comments that were anonymous because I'd comment on his blog but I don't have "a profile"

  3. Great update post, good to hear you've been able to have some down time during the week, and your dog is absolutely adorable!


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