Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol 278)


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Everyone into the blather pool!

You know how sometimes you have so many things scheduled in a day and you think, “I will just skip that last thing. I don’t REALLY need to go.” But then you do go and that one thing that you thought you would skip is really the best part of your entire day.

That was yesterday. I will tell you all about it next week because these are quick takes not long and involved and windy takes. Just know that it involved driving someplace in Cleveland that I had never been (the west side is STILL a foreign country to me) and talking with another photographer who understands photographs like I do and gabbing with a 92 year old nun who could most likely run the world if she so chose.

Today is the last wedding coordination gig for a bit, although there are more in the pipeline. And it is such a fun and enjoyable thing to watch a girl that I have known since she was a wee thing, marry a man who clearly adores her.

I bet I will whip out my phone and take a picture or two.

I get to work with Marj, who has such a fount of wedding coordinator wisdom that I just want to sit back and soak it all in and not do a lick of work.

And the photographer is Jen Claytor, whose talent just blows me away and makes me slightly envious. Or more than slightly but we won’t talk about that. I have seen her work at three weddings this year and it is always a pleasure.


This photo was taken by Jen Claytor, NOT by me. See what I mean about beauty. Go over to her site and see. Such talent!!

Brittany and Adam, it is going to be a great day.

We all know that I journal.

You do know that right?

The last several years have been a bit sketchier than in years past, for some reason that I am not entirely sure of. It may be that a couple of years ago I switched from writing in my journal long hand to typing on my computer, printing it out and then pasting into my journal. Then I switched to an app on my ipad which I liked for about 10 seconds before I got frustrated with it.

Because there was change and uncertainty with where I was journaling and all of that I slowed down and almost quit. But I have found that I really NEED to journal. I need a place where I can let thoughts and feelings and issues and pain and mad and happy and all of that just flow out without it spilling out into life and the world where the space time continuum can’t handle the stress.

So I am changing things up a bit. I am journaling in Evernote, which I can do either on iPad, iPhone or computer and when I write it is then synced between all three places. So, I can pick up wherever I left off. We will see how it goes.

I really need to journal.

I think….

I hope….

I pray fervently…..

That my weeks are going to be a bit less crowded after today. This week has been another one of those where I juggled three distinctly different jobs and aspects of my life.

I worked for HHBL. I am still learning that one and there are days (cough cough yesterday cough cough) where I struggle a whole lot more than others.

I worked for myself at another photos shoot, the last in the series for Towards Employment. I will tell you about that one next week….after the photos are done….where am I going to find the time??

And I worked for church, as I am one of the coordinators for Brittany and Adam’s wedding (see #2). At least there were no days where I did all three of those jobs on one day.

That happened several weeks ago and I didn’t think my old, post-menopausal body would survive it.

Sunday will find us at the annual picnic in our old neighborhood.

I am so excited!!! In fact, I might be more excited about going this time than I was when we actually lived there. I love where we live now and wouldn’t change it for all the tea in China (does anyone but me still say this??) but I still miss all my friends and neighbors from the old place.

I am sure I might take a picture or two……

Which means that you are going to have to put up with the blog post that comes afterwards. We will see……

How do people do life without making lists?

My world would implode without a list…or two….or ten.

That is all.

Instagram. Because I like to throw strange photos out onto the Internetz

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  1. One one of those people who don't make a list (except for grocery lists, that is). In fact, I tried the list making app that you walked about once and hated it. That being said, if my old, post-menopausal brain doesn't start refiring the way it used to, lists may become a necessary evil.


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