Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Rolled the Flea Dice….and Lost

This summer has been, well, just plain old busy.

And I threw the flea dice……

And lost.

One would think, after THIS incident, that I would never go another summer without making sure that Max the Magnificent was covered as far as flea protection was concerned. Never again do I want to have to vacuum my dog’s genitals in an effort to combat fleas.


Alpha that was a very scary thing! I do not like the vacuum.

And yet, even after that traumatic incident, I did forget. Or more to the point I just kept putting it off…..like forever. We live in a small development in the middle of a town and Max doesn’t hang around in the grass all that much. I figured we were safe.

Oh FINE! And I didn’t really want to spend $70 for flea medication. So sue me.

But I didn’t figure on the kennel.

We didn’t realize it quite at first. Fleas are like that. They lull you into a false sense of flealess security before making your life, and the life of your dog, a misery. We picked Max up from the kennel last Thursday, after our quick trip to Washington, DC. All was fine. He was wiped out like he always is. All that playing and barking is tough work. But he was a bit restless as well. I dismissed it.

Fast forward to Sunday. HHBL and I are enjoying Sunday brunch out on the patio. It is a beautiful day, sunshine, breezy. All is right with the world……except for the dog. It was HHBL who actually picked up on the fact that Max seemed to be scratching more than normal.

HHBL: I think that dog has fleas!

Me: No he doesn’t!

HHBL: I think he does.

Me: FINE! I will check him which is such a fun job. (insert calling Max over and making him lie down and roll over a bit so that I can intimately inspect his genitals) See, he doesn’t have……oh shoot!

Sure I said Oh shoot. What do you THINK I said?

The upshot of all of this was….yesterday I spent $70 on flea medication.

And now I have to find the time to figure out how to get the cover off of his memory foam dog bed so that I can wash it.

Yes, my dog has a memory foam dog bed.

I never was a good gambler.


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