Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Math, A Tool of the Devil.

I had to do math today.

I don't think that my brain exploded but it was a near thing at times. A very near thing.

I am finding that it is a much more difficult thing to learn new skills as a 54 year old than say when I was 35. It really isn't so much that I am learning new skills, I have done payroll and taxes and all that stuff before. I have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing so OF COURSE I know all about payroll and taxes and billing and invoicing and doing market research and writing blog posts about education and data sets and other fun stuff. Didn't you learn the same things in nursing school??

I managed to generate payroll today without screwing anything up....I think. And I got a bit of a handle on taxes. CURSE the person who thought up all these stupid taxes that have to be paid at just exactly the correct time. Not a day late thankyouverymuch. Mother Mary and all the Saints I hate taxes.

Am I being a whiner? I don't really care.

This evening finds me watching William Wallace hack and hew his way through the English army. He probably had to spend part of his day doing taxes and payroll as well and is just getting out a bit of aggression.

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  1. Ah, Mel as William Wallace...Freeeedom! Have a rousing time!


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