Tuesday, September 16, 2014

From One Generation to the Next

Some days are just a boat load of fun. Life right now is about as busy as I have been in a long time. I am not complaining....generally......but it is a rare day that I have totally to do as I choose.

Today was one of those days.

We are visiting TMO and TSiL for a couple of days. TMO had Monday off as she has just gotten back on Sunday afternoon from a month in Ghana overseeing a project for her work. She gets off the plane at 3:45p and we arrived at 8:15p. Poor thing. Yesterday found HHBL, TMO and I at the Newseum. TMO's office had kindly given her the day off and so she had enough energy to show her poor, old parents around for a bit. I will tell you about that another time. All I will say is that the Newseum is worth the price of the admission.

Today TMO had to go back to work. And TSiL had to go to work. And HHBL had to go to a conference. That left me a day ALL. TO. MY. SELF. SWEETNESS!! I will give you the whole long story when I get home so brace yourselves for that. Just know that I took pictures...a boat load of pictures. I walked A LOT. I ate falafal schwarma for lunch....burp......and I might have bought some yarn.

I just generally had a blast.

And YOWZA to I need a shower.

I ended up down by the WWII Memorial for a period of time. It was a beautiful day to just wander and watch people and to see the interaction between students of all ages and the veterans there to answer questions.

One generation passing on knowledge to another.



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