Tuesday, October 21, 2014

iTunes Hates Me

I’m sorry. I was going to sit down and write you a long and lovely post.

And I did sit down.

Only it was to try and figure out why iTunes hates me today and insists on skipping to the next song in the middle of the song that I am currently listening to. And not ALL songs mind you, only certain songs. It is as if today iTunes has said to me, “You may listen to Abbey Road all the way through without any problems as all. But if you wish to enjoy the soundtrack to Lincoln or perhaps Les Miserables you will be in for frustration as you have not known for many a day. You are welcome.”

As is always the case these days, on a day when I am not in the office, my “to do” list is long. I don’t need to spend time farting around on the internetz trying to figure out why iTunes is messing with just certain songs and certain albums. I have things to do people and this is not helping. iTunes also wanted to tell me that I was out of space on my iPhone, even though in General settings under usage it tells me that I have a freight car load of storage available. This whole thing is eating up my time folks!

We won’t talk about the hour I spent sitting in front of my computer watching things on YouTube.

Moving on.

So, you are not getting a pithy post today.

Because I am going to go and speak sharply to my iPhone.

I wonder if that will help?


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