Friday, August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol 274)


When next we meet, t’will be September. That just seems so wrong. Where did my summer go?? You know what you must do. When you have finished harvesting the last season blather you need to click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of departing Summer, over to Conversion Diary.

Just enough blather to make you nuts.

Friday is my day off and so far I have made the most of it. The temperature was cool, the sun was shining so I hopped in my car and drove out to pick raspberries. I had been hoping to pick at a place closer to Chez Knit but Greenfield Berry Farm was berriless. So I drove over to faithful Monroe Orchard which is further east even than OCK. But I love Monroe so it wasn’t a problem.

Holy Schlamoly Andy there were tons of berries on their canes and only two other people picking when I got there. I was fully prepared to pick while listening to an audiobook on the trusty iPod but once I got out there I just didn’t want to disturb the peace and quiet. The wind was blowing. The birds were singing. It was quiet and naturey….until I butt turned on the iPod that was in my back pocket. Don’t ask me how it happened because I cannot possibly tell you. Or more likely I don’t want to think about the fact that my big bahookie is able to do this thing. All of a sudden I heard Fernando Ortega singing softly and I thought, “Wow, how nice that they provide some faint music for the people working in the field next to where I am standing!”

And then I realized that the music was coming from my buttocks. I am so talented.

2014-08-29 09.18.152014-08-29 09.55.252014-08-29 10.01.34

Oh bright jewels of late summer, you are going to make us so happy in the middle of winter.

And after I was done communing with nature I stopped at my favorite farm stand and bought a dozen ears of corn and a BIG bunch of plum tomatoes.

Guess what I am going to be doing this afternoon.

Most of the schools in our area seem to have started.

I have an almost overwhelming urge to go out and buy school supplies that I do not need.

Pencils! There must be a need in my life for pencils!

Surely I can do something with a notebook or two and a box of crayons.

Someone stop me!

We are fast approaching our last poultry CSA. That will mean no more Brunty Farms eggs until next year. I love them but I am not going to drive 30 minutes to buy a dozen eggs. I will find a closer source.

HHBL and I have decided that the flavor of the chicken that we have been getting is so vastly superior that I am not sure I can ever buy a chicken again from the grocery store. The meat is a bit tougher than something you get at Giant Eagle, which is to be expected. But these things taste so good that it really doesn’t matter to me.

Last night we had what I like to call “Special K Chicken”. That just means that I dredge the chicken in flour and then buttermilk and then crushed up Special K with some grated Parm cheese, powdered garlic, salt and pepper in the Special K. No, I do not have measurements.

Then you bake it at 375F for about 45 minutes.

Mother may I have another piece PLEASE! In fact, that is what I had for breakfast, cold and straight out of the frig. Ambrosia.

I am pretty sure that we will sign up for the CSA again next year. Now lets just hope that my stockpile of frozen chicken lasts that long.

The thing I am remembering about working with HHBL is that we have to be careful not to talk about work all the time.

You may laugh but it is something that happens. We could talk work all through dinner…and while watching Johnny Manziel and the Browns…and while getting ready for bed.

We are making a conscious effort not to do that.

Cousin Hadoo had to make the hard decision this week to put her sweet doggie, Honey, down.

HHBL and I look at each other when we hear news like this and just pray that Max lives forever.

We know that cannot really happen but right now every year that we get out of him is a gift. He is the best dog that either of us have ever had and we really just run away from talking about “that time” when we have to make that decision.

Max is going to live forever. I have decreed it.

You know what Monday is?? It is All the Animal Butts that you can stand Labor Day. Here is a little peak at what you can expect to see from me come Monday afternoon.

I know you can hardly stand the excitement.



Lady! Quit taking all those pictures of animal butts! What is wrong with you??

Try to contain your excitement.

And here for your enjoyment are the usual lazy Instagram photos.

2014-08-22 18.43.592014-08-22 19.18.572014-08-23 12.38.25-22014-08-25 06.36.58-22014-08-26 13.55.45-22014-08-27 07.32.01-22014-08-29 10.01.23


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