Friday, August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes (Vol 273)


Where did my week go? Did you take it? If you did then I would like a day or two back please. You know what you must do. When you have completely cleaned your plate full of blather you may click on the picture above to be whisked, at the speed of August fast approaching it’s end, over to Conversion Diary to see what has been happening in the wider world.

Blather of a curiously strong nature.

Well, I made it through my first week of work and my head didn’t explode. I take that as a positive. Monday was a bit of a whirlwind, as you might expect. Our IT guy had already set me up with an email several weeks ago but on Monday, when he was adding me to various things, other things became completely messed up and at one point I was getting EVERYONE’S email. I felt like the most popular person in the entire universe.

And it was completely annoying. Also a bit nerve wracking as we use Exchange which meant that I couldn’t just delete emails that were not meant to go to me because that deletes them completely from all the places where they have landed. I spent time in the afternoon forwarding a bunch of email to people who should have been the correct recipient.

Welcome to the company Deb!

I also spent time, in between meetings and processing payroll and some projects, claiming my work space.

I cannot work effectively in a space that is not set up to my liking. Now I think that I have everything as I like it and I know where the basics are. I still have to go through files to get familiar with where things are. And files need to be labeled…and alphabetized. That is next week…along with meetings…and projects.

I am not sure how someone works outside the home and gets things done inside and around the home and in life in general without a list.

You are a better person than I if you can remember everything that you have to do without having it written down somewhere, whether on a designated piece of paper or digitally. I say designated piece of paper because random and scattered pieces of paper with various notes doesn’t count as organized in my book. Call me picky, you won’t be the first.

For the last several years I have used an app called List Master for all my little list making happiness. We all know how much I love lists.

Years ago there was a series of books called “The Big Book of Lists”. Oh how I loved them.

But I digress.

So, I love my list app. And I hate my list app. I love it more than I hate it but there are those days when that is reversed. It is powerful. You can add picture icons. You can have columns total for your grocery list. You can make it do all sorts of things.

But if you don’t do things in the correct order then lists don’t sync correctly between devices. I actually pay a nominal fee to have the privilege of syncing between iPhone and iPad and since I plunk down money for it I want it to work correctly. I haven’t been a happy camper in the past few days. Last night, it ate my work to do list. Gone. ByeBye. See you later. No more list. No more list on the iPhone either and no more list on the website so I couldn’t sync it back.

I said a bad word at that point. And I was very unhappy because that list had some important things that I need to do on Monday. I think I got it all re-inputted but I wasn’t happy.

However, I am still obsessed with the lists. I am so obsessed that I am currently keeping a list of all the movies I have watched this year.

Call me obsessed. You won’t be the first.

We are experimenting at the moment with Max the Magnificent staying home all day by himself while HHBL and I are both at work.

2013-09-22 16.11.43-1

Alpha, I get so lonely.

He seems to be tolerating it well. There hasn’t been any great ripping up of garbage, peeing on the floor or sleeping on the bed.

Well, I don’t worry about the bed. He can’t even jump up into my car and he won’t even get on the bed unless you physically lift him up there. And then he wants to get right down.

But the ripping up of garbage things is sometimes an issue.

I think I will occasionally bring him to work with me. Everyone is excited about that and he will sleep most of the day I would think, after making the rounds to see everyone.

We will see.

There was another Bugikaze incident this week. What is it with these bugs?? I did not take a picture this time. The thing looked like a horse fly that had been on injectable steroids for a long time plus was a product of some 1950’s sci fi radiation horror film.

In other words… was big.

It chased me around the laundry room for a bit until I was able to grab the fly swatter, kept for just such invasions as this, and swatted him into bugikaze oblivion.

It felt so good.

Just to add a level of specialness to the week, I have been dealing with a wicked case of sciatica.

Just what you need to make your waking moments, and sleeping as well, is the feeling that someone is stabbing you with a red hot poker all the way down your thigh and buttocks whenever you stand up or roll over in bed.

Whenever I say or write the word “buttocks” I hear it in my head in the voice of Forrest Gump.

Does that seem odd to you?

But back to the subject of sciatica. Copious amounts of ibuprophen, heated corn bag usage and making sure that I get up and walk around are all helping. This morning was the best morning for the amount of pain that I have had in about 10 days.

I am fairly stoical about pain and this has been bad.

I hate sciatica.

I have gone from having tons of free time to do as I chose to having very little free time. On top of the office gig I am also coordinating weddings through church and I picked up two photography jobs this week.

Egads when can I knit??? I didn’t knit at all yesterday. I was just too tired when I finally got home from a full day of work and then going to run an outdoor wedding rehearsal in heat and humidity. Today is full of getting through my home to do list and then wedding coordination in the evening.

Oh please do not rain!! It is going to be a tight squeeze getting 170 people inside for the wedding. All we need is a window of time to get the ceremony in.

I may have to knit a bit this afternoon just to stay calm. 

Instagram. Because, in the end, I am just a lazy bum who can’t be bothered to do anything else. And there aren’t even that many of them this week.

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