Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Things I Learned When Moving

1. There will be tears. Especially when you stand in your kitchen amidst a sea of boxes and you cannot even get to the sink to get a glass of water. And then you realize that even if you could get to the sink you don’t know where there is a glass from which to drink. And there isn’t any ice.

2. Pack a box of essentials like drinking glasses, disposable silverware and plates, a pair of scissors and wine glasses. And alcohol. Do not forget the alcohol. Also plastic bowls for the ice cream that you are going to need to consume at the end of the long moving day. Otherwise you will be walking down to CVS at 9p to buy ice cream and beer.

3. Indulge yourself and buy packing paper rather than worrying about saving your newspapers and the newspapers of all your friends and neighbors. The expense isn’t that much and you will thank yourself. Your fingers will thank you when you don’t have to wash your hands continually. The garbage man will thank you when he doesn’t have to pick up all that recycled paper.

4. You may think that using the contents of your paper shredder for packing material is a good idea. Let me assure you that it is not. Do not do it. Having to deal with the clean up may just push you over the edge.

5. Don’t watch the movers too closely when they are handling your stuff. They don’t love your stuff as much as you love your stuff and they are going to be slinging those boxes around. Especially the young, highly tattooed guys named Chris who are more concerned with finishing the job up and getting a beer than making sure that your dishes are intact. It does no good to stand there and wring your hands.

Otherwise you might be wringing their necks

6. Remember where you packed the toilet paper.

7. Remember where you packed the sheets and towels. Better yet, make sure you put them in the “essentials box”. I did remember where the sheets were…..but the towels were more of a difficulty. And we both REALLY needed showers.

8. Remember which box marked “Master Bathroom” contains the soap and shampoo.

9. Do not pack your laundry supplies in a misc. box. That will require you going to the store to buy new laundry supplies which will then mean that about an hour after you get home from the store you will find your laundry supplies.

10. Spend the time printing out labels that tell the movers where to put the boxes. It made my life much easier let me tell you. I didn’t have to stand at the front door and look at each box as it came into Chez Knit and tell the movers where to go.

I already wanted to tell the movers where to go.

11. Remember to bring your food from the old refrigerator on the day that you move. That way, when you look at each other at 8:45p and realize you are starving, you will have something to eat. Because even though the city that you have moved to is a booming metropolis compared to where you had been living…the grocery stores still close at 9p.

12. Unpack at least one box the night that you move in. It will make you feel more at home.


  1. And how is Max, the Wonder Dog adapting to Chez Knit II?

    1. Max the Magnificent is doing OK with the whole move. He has taken well to his memory foam dog bed and he is DEFINITELY on board with the whole three walks a day thing.


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