Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Woman Cave

When HHBL and I were in the serious consideration phase for Chez Knit Deux we spent a bit of time talking about where our respective work spaces would be. Some couples can share a work space in peace and harmony.

Not us.

HHBL likes to play music LOUDLY when he is concentrating.

I like silence.

I work early in the morning.

He works late in the evening.

I sometimes need a bit of space for all the projects.

He is fairly compact.

Here at CKD we have both a second floor loft and a finished basement area. At first, in my mind, I had laid claim to the upstairs loft area with all of it’s light and sunny climes. HHBL was going to put his office in the basement area. But then he got to thinking about all of the light issues. Really, he needs more sunlight than I do. When he is working from home, especially in the winter, he needs every bit of sunlight that he can get.

Me not so much. In fact, when I am doing photo editing it is better to be without sunlight. Living in the shadows as it were. HHBL came to this realization first and made the suggestion that perhaps we could think about switching work spaces.

I balked.

I hemmed.

I hawwed.

But then, as I started to think about it I came to the conclusion that he might have a point. And when I really started to think about it I could see that the space in the basement was much better suited to me. There was more wall space. I could set up boat loads of shelves for books and cloth and I could even have all my yarn there with me.

2013-08-27 14.29.45

It has taken almost a week of working but the woman cave is almost set up. And yes, I know that the walls are yellow and yes, I am going to paint them eventually. But I cannot just hang around and not have a work space until that happens.

All is getting righter with the world now that I have the fabric unpacked and the sewing machine set up.

Now if I just had some time to actually sew something.

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  1. I love having an independent space that is all mine. I have always had to have my own spot. Glad you've gotten yours back so soon! Just a room to close the door and think your own thoughts.


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